The Complete Godzilla Bandai Six Inch Vinyl List

Hedorah/Jet Jaguar

Godzilla 68 & Hedroah

On the height of Hedorah's mysterious popularity in Japan, Bandai produced a newly sculpt Hedorah figure in October of 2006 and paired it with a reissue of Bandai's Godzilla 68 from the 50th Anniversary Memorial Box. The tags are gatefold with the usual information and the Toho license stickers are silver and pictures the Marvel Comics Godzilla and the year 2006. Both new figures are part of the Movie Monster Series

Movie Monster Series Godzilla 68

Godzilla 68 is done in black vinyl with greyish highlights and a noticable amount of pink used for inside the mouth. The tag is the same style used in 2005 except the borders are purple. The tag sports controversy as it pictures a publicity shot of Godzilla 73. Inside of the tag shows a closeup picture of another publicity shot of Godzilla 71. This famous picture gave the hint that Godzilla had the power to fly. It is known that the 68 suit was altered and used for the film "Godzilla vs. Hedorah", but the choice of using a picture of Godzilla 73 featured on the front of the tag is a mystery.

Comparision of Godzilla 68 Movie Monster Series & Memorial Box Version

Except for vinyl color and painted highlights, there doesn't appear to be any size differences between the new issue and the reissue of Godzilla 68.

Closeup of Movie Monster Series Hedorah

Hedorah is done in black vinyl and sports several highlights of silver on the body/head and a deep spray of yellow under the arms. The only articulation found on Hedorah are the arms and the movements are very limited. the tag pictures the actual suit and also pictures the flying version of Hedorah inside the tag.

Side view of Movie Monster Series Hedorah

When compared to Bandai's standard version of Hedorah, released in 1993, Bandai successfully produced a more accurate representation of the Smog Monster with a long tail and forward pose.

Comparision of Hedorah with stardard version

The Movie Monster Series Hedorah does have its share of controversy. When the standard version Hedorah was released, it stood out of scale when compared to other figures released in the standard scale. The new Hedorah also stands below Godzilla 68, as well as other monsters from the Movie Monster Series. It is unknown at this time why Bandai produced Hedorah out of scale with other figures in the series, yet did properly produce Titanosaurus inscale with Godzilla and MechaGodzilla 75

Comparision of Hedorah with Toho Kaiju Series Gigan and Movie Monster Series Titanosaurus

In a unexpectant move, Bandai produced Jet Jaguar as its first, and at the moment, only Toho figure of 2007.

Movie Monster Series Jet Jaguar

The figure comes with a gatefold tag with purple borders and pictures the actual Jet Jaguar suit. Inside of the tag pictures Jet Jaguar flying. The back of the tag features Godzilla's silhouette with the katakana of "Movie Monster Series" underneth. The Toho license sticker is silver and pictures the Marvel Comics Godzilla with the year 2006 underneth.

Movie Monster Series Jet Jaguar (back side)

Bandai created a new mold for Jet Jaguar and is only slightly smaller than the Standard version. Darker highlights are used on the six inch figure and sports metallic silver spray when compared to the Standard Jet Jaguar. The only articulation found on Jet Jaguar is the arms and waist, the same as the Standard version.

Comparision of Movie Monster Series & Standard Jet Jaguar.

One interesting observation found on the new Jet Jaguar is the new figure stands taller than the recently released Hedorah and Godzilla 68.

Comparision of Movie Monster Series Hedorah, Jet Jaguar, & Godzilla 68

2007 saw Hyper Hobby produce exclusives of Bandai's six inch Jet Jaguar and MechaGodzilla 75 to commemorate the release of the show "Godzilla Island" to DVD.

Hyper Hobby Exclusive Jet Jaguar's & MechaGodzilla 75

The show featured several Godzilla toys, mainly from Bandai, customized and used in story lines using a type of stop motion technique. To help promote the release of the Godzilla Island DVD, Hyper Hobby produced reissues of Bandai's six inch Jet Jaguar and MechaGodzilla 75 as they appeared on the show.

I've personally never see the show, but one can speculated the roles Jet Jaguar had as a medical and fire personnel. MechaGodzilla's role is unclear, yet this MechaGodzilla can be considered as the first time a black painted MechaGodzilla had been made.

All figures sport black and white gatefold tags pictured on how they actually appeared on the show. Interesting note, the figures used on the show were standard versions and not the six inch versions used as exclusives. Evidence is shown on the tags themselves as the Jet Jaguar pictured on the tag has its hands open, while the six inch version has fists.

Hyper Hobby Exclusive Jet Jaguar's w/ Standard version

While the MechaGodzilla figure used on the show is customized with its mouth open and arms repositioned, you can clearly see the chest of the figure showing it is the 74 version of the Standard MechaGodzilla.

Hyper Hobby Exclusive MechaGodzilla 75 w/ Standard MechaGodzilla 74

While the Hyper Hobby Jet Jaguar's can easily be told apart from the first issue released Jet Jaguar, the Hyper Hobby MechaGodzilla 75 is very similar to the 50th Anniversay Memorial Box MechaGodzilla 75.

Hyper Hobby Exclusive & Memorial Box MechaGodzilla 75

While the eyes of both MechaGodzilla's appear similar, the Hyper Hobby Exclusive is all black and doesn't feature any other colors, unlike the Memorial Box version that features color and glossy paint on some areas.

It is unknown if other figures fashioned after the "Godzilla Island" show will be produced.

As of this writing, it had been rumored that Bandai was going to produced a new Godzilla figure, yet it is unknown what scale or if it would be a new figure or a reissue. While sources told me the rumors are not true, it was mentioned Bandai has been reissuing "UltraKaiju" figures with Game Cards. It has been mentioned that this release has been proven quite popular with kids that want the game cards. It is only speculated that Bandai might apply this process to the Godzilla six inch line as well by reissuing previous Movie Monster Series figures with Game Cards. Again, this only speculation.

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