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More Reissues

The end of 2004 saw Bandai reissue a few figures from the Movie Monster Series. At the moment, I’m not sure how many figures were released. The ones that have been seen are: Titanosaurus, MechaGodzilla 75, Angilas 68, Godzilla 93, King Ghidorah, Space Godzilla, Destroyah, and Godzilla Junior.

Titanosaurus is the only example I have. When compared to the first issue, the two figures are near identical. There is a difference in the tag. This time the tag is a single card and not a folded one. The front and back of the new tag are identical to the first issue, but no catalog like the first issue. The Toho license sticker is silver sporting the 50th anniversary symbol and the year 2004.

Titanosaurus Reissue

(Note, this will be updated when more figures are verified)

Hardly any bootlegs have been seen of any of the six inch Movie Monster Series figures. One example has been seen of a Godzilla 54 with damage to the head revealing a MechaGodzilla head on Yahoo Japan. One must be careful when dealing with figures never seen before or haven’t been mentioned in this article.

With the release of "Godzilla, Final Wars" on DVD in Japan, Bandai not only reissued previous figures from the Movie Monster Series line, but rescaled figures previously released in the standard scale. While the figures being reissued were frown on by collectors, the rescaled figures were most anticipated. New gatefold tags were made for the 2005 released figures and are still announced as part of the Movie Monster Series. The new tags sport a pink/red border and pictures the kaiju the tag is intended for. Inside the tag is information of the kaiju the tag represents and the usual information found on previous tags. There is also an alternate picture found inside the tag of each kaiju except King Ghidorah 91 and Mecha King Ghidorah. The back of the tags sports a silhouette of Godzilla with a firey background. "Standard" is found in english under "Movie Monster Series" in Japanese on the bottom/back of the tag that's most curious. The Toho License sticker pictures Godzilla during the "Marvel Comics" days with the year "2005" on the bottom. All new figures except Gigan 2005, King Ghidorah, Mecha King Ghidorah, and Destroyah sport a white square safety precaution tag.

Note* It has been learned that toys sold for 1,000 yen and under are given Silver Toho license stickers. Toys sold for over 1,000 yen are given Gold Toho License stickers. This practice and the design for the Toho License stickers continue to be a mystery.

Here's a look at each of the new rescaled figures.

Godzilla 2005

A near reproduction of the standard size version of Godzilla 2005, the new 6in figure fits nicely with the standard Kaiser Ghidorah, as well as the previous 50th Anniversary Memorial Box figures.

Gigan 2005

While the rescaled figure is nicely done, some of the detail is lost when compared to the standard version. Some examples found on the rescaled figure are the mouth being closed, the wings not being fully painted on the inside, and the spike end of the tail not being as wide. Despite the flaws, the rescaled Gigan 2005 is still a nice variation of the standard figure.

MechaGodzilla 2004

Like Gigan 2005, MechaGodzilla 2004 also suffers in detail loss due to its rescale. Unfortunately the 6in' MechaGodzilla 2004 appears somewhat dull and not as attractive when compared to the standard version. Not the kind of work I expect from Bandai.

Mothra 2004

The new 6in' Mothra Adult 2004 has also lost the detail that made its standard counterpart so attractive. The rescaled Mothra reminds me more of a large sized Hyper figure. The wings are not fully painted on the bottom side and the legs are the same mold as the body, unlike the standard. When viewed from the top, the figure looks fantastic, it's a different story when viewed underneath.

Curiously, Bandai also reissued five figures from the Heisei Era, two more figures from "Godzilla, Final Wars", and one Classic figure. Here's a look of how each figure compares to its previous version from the original Movie Monster Series.

Heisei Godzilla ver.2001 & 2005

Space Godzilla ver.2001 & 2005

King Ghidorah 91 ver. 2001 & 2005

Mecha King Ghidorah ver. 2001 & 2005

Destroyah ver. 2001 & 2005

Angilas 2005 1st & 2nd issue

Rodan 2005 1st and 2nd issue

Godzilla 54 ver. 2001 & 2005

To commemorate the release of the “Godzilla, Final Wars” DVD in Japan, Toy’s Dream Project released a Limited Edition Exclusive Meltdown Godzilla fashioned after the Bandai Forever Series version.

Toy's Dream Project Exclusive Meltdown Godzilla

The figure is tagged with a single card completely colored in pink/red, with an actual picture of the Burning Godzilla. The Meltdown Godzilla is part of the “Movie Monster Series”. The Toho License sticker, found on the box and not on the tag, pictures the Marvel Comics Godzilla with “2005” on the bottom and is done in Gold. A white/square safety precaution tag is also found with the figure.

The Meltdown Godzilla was released in an attractive window box along with a bottle cap Godzilla known as a “Charactermix”. Made by a company called “Tomy”, the Charactermix can dance along with music playing at the touch of a button. Bandai and Tomy logos are not found on the outside of the box and it’s believed these are rival companies. “Godzilla vs. Destroyah” in katakana is found on the box.

News of a Bandai Godzilla 75 & Titanosaurus 2 pack in the 6in scale is scheduled to be released as a Toy's Dream Project Limited Exclusive in March 2006.

*UPDATE* A Lottery type figure of the Movie Monster Series Gigan 2005 has been released and is made in translucent red vinyl with glitter in the mold. Refered to as a Movie Monster Campain Exclusive and is limited to 100.

Red Translucent Glitter Gigan 2005

Photos courtesy of Rick Creevey

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