The Complete Godzilla Bandai Six Inch Vinyl List

The Memorial Box Part 2

Memorial Box MechaGodzilla 75

Someone at Bandai really loves black MechaGodzilla’s. It figures MechaGodzilla 75 couldn’t avoid being done in black vinyl, but the results are fantastic. The Memorial Box MechaGodzilla 75, while done in black vinyl, is highlighted with glossy black paint on various parts of the body. The initials are done in blue and the number in orange. The eyes are orange on the side and gold in the front, it’s just a great looking figure.

Memorial Box Godzilla 75

Everyone has their favorites, this one is mine. “Terror of MechaGodzilla” has always been one of my favorites and it’s just great to finally have a Godzilla 75. Bandai once again got creative, taking the simple route to create a great figure. Using the Godzilla 74 mold, Bandai made the figure in green vinyl and sculpt a new head, perfectly capturing the fierce expression shown in the film. Plus, it fits nicely with the Movie Monster Series Titanosaurus and MechaGodzilla 75. Need I say more?

Memorial Box Godzilla 84

The 84 suit has never been one of my favorite suits, but the toy is just great looking, especially when compared to the previous first version Bandai put out in 84. A prototype of the Memorial Box Godzilla 84 also made an appearance at G-Fest XI. Done in flesh vinyl, collectors agreed the detail was just fantastic. The end result is just a flawless figure. Collectors unfamiliar with the Godzilla 84 designed questioned the position of the spines on the Memorial Box Godzilla 84, but experience Godzilla fans know that the 84 suit is the only Godzilla suit that has the largest spine position on the lower body.

Memorial Box Godzillasaurus

Some what of a controversial figure, no doubt a Godzillasurus figure should be included in the Memorial Box, but this figure is a near exact reproduction of the original standard Godzillasaurus. The two figures side by side make it difficult to tell apart, but the vinyl on the Memorial Box Godzillasaurus is softer than the original standard and is stamped “2004” on the bottom of both feet. While this gives collectors, that don’t have a Godzillasaurus figure, a chance to add this figure to their collection, it’s just another way for Bandai to release another reissue.

Memorial Box King Ghidorah 91

Probably the biggest disappointment of the Memorial Box figures, the Memorial Box King Ghidorah 91 is a near exact reproduction of the Movie Monster Series version. The Memorial Box version is actually a little larger than the Movie Monster Series King Ghidorah 91, but that adds very little for collectors to wanting to add another reissue to their collection.

Memorial Box Godzilla 93

Another one of those reissues that no collector really wants, a near reproduction of the Movie Monster Series Godzilla 93. There’s really nothing to add about the Memorial Box Godzilla 93 except that I hope they don’t reissue anymore.

Memorial Box Rodan 93

Finally, a reissue worth talking about, while the six inch Fire Rodan has been released three times, this marks the first time a regular version of Rodan 93 has been released. This version battles Godzilla 93 before Rodan absorbs Godzilla’s radiation after being defeated. Done in brown vinyl with beige highlights, Rodan 93 is a welcome addition the Memorial Box.

Memorial Box Godzilla Junior

While there’s a place for Godzilla Junior in the Memorial Box, this figure was just released two years earlier for the Movie Monster Series and it’s a near reproduction of that figure. To make matters worse, for some reason Bandai reissued Godzilla Junior in 2005 with the 50th Anniversary Toho Sticker found on the tag. The Memorial Box Godzilla Junior is probably the most overlooked figure in the box set.

Memorial Box Melting Godzilla

As a collector myself, I don’t enjoy when Bandai reissue any of the popular and rarest figures. So I wasn’t pleased to see a reproduction of the Theater Exclusive Melting Godzilla as part of the Memorial Box, which I feel is the greatest standard Bandai figure ever produced. But I have to admit that the six inch version is very impressive. The Memorial Box Melting Godzilla looks fantastic next to the Theater Exclusive version and blows away the Bandai Museum Melting Godzilla. The Melting Godzilla figure has a historic significance and deserves to be part of the Memorial Box.

Memorial Box Godzilla 2000

The film “Godzilla 2000” played a big part in reintroducing Godzilla to the American public and it’s great that Bandai rescaled Godzilla 2000 to the smaller six inch size. The paint highlights are greatly improved and the Memorial Box Godzilla 2000 fits nicely with the Bandai Orga. Hopefully Bandai will leave this figure exclusively to the Memorial Box and not reissue it.

Which Godzilla figures should’ve been part of the Memorial Box?

With most of the Showa Godzilla’s covered in this Box Set alone, it’s tough to figure out what was left out. If Bandai would get creative, they could produce a Battle Damaged Godzilla 71. Use the Godzilla 68 figure, since that suit was used to make the 71 suit, and alter the head with a damaged eye and add white highlights for the deteriorated hand. For a new sculpt, I’d like to see Godzilla 73. Many of us older collectors saw “Godzilla vs. Megalon” in the theaters and have a fondness for the 73 suit.

How many collectors would’ve loved Bandai to rescale the Godzilla 91 figure? I’m sure most collectors would prefer this figure over another Godzilla 93 figure. Bandai also missed a great opportunity to add the Tristar Godzilla to the Memorial Box Set. Bandai continues to ignore the American Godzilla and while collectors might not want to see this figure as part of the Memorial Box Set, Bandai had a better chance selling this figure in the Box Set than on its own.

A rescaled Godzilla 2002 and Godzilla 2004 would’ve been a welcomed addition to the Memorial Box Set, but how could Bandai leave out the Final Wars Godzilla 2005? The Box Set should’ve started out with Godzilla 54 and ended with Godzilla 2005, which would’ve been more welcomed than any of the reissues found in the box.

What other Monsters should’ve been part of the Memorial Box?

There’s so many kaiju that Bandai could’ve rescaled for the Memorial Box. Megalon, Rodan 56, Original Baragon, Gorosaurus, MechaGodzilla 74. What about new sculpts of kaiju that collectors have been demanding for years? Manda, Kumonga, Gabera, Varan, Ebirah, how about a Rodan 65 to go with the Memorial Box Godzilla 65? I believe the one figure that should’ve been added is a new King Ghidrah. A new improved version of King Ghidrah is long overdue.

Which Monsters are we glad didn’t become part of the Memorial Box?

How about no Mothra figures? Since 96, collectors have been overdosed with Mothra figures. It would’ve been easy for Bandai to throw in a reissue Mothra Larva 92, Thank goodness they didn’t. No other Heisei Kaiju? It’s worse enough we got King Ghidorah 91, lucky they didn’t add mechaGodzilla 93, Mecha King Ghidorah, Space Godzilla, G-Force Mogera, and Destroyah. While it wouldn’t have been so bad, I’m glad not to see Minya, Baby Godzilla, and Little Godzilla as part of the Memorial Box Set. But the best part is no translucent figures of any kind are part of the Memorial Box Set. I think all us collectors had enough of those.

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