The Complete Godzilla Bandai Six Inch Vinyl List

The Memorial Box Part 1

To celebrate Godzillaís 50th Anniversary, Bandai released the highly anticipated Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box Set. Despite the new Box Set containing 20 figures, many of them being new sculpts of figures never before released by Bandai, the Memorial Box received heavy criticism for including undesirable reissues. The box itself is 21 inches tall and just over 18 inches wide. The box is colored black with gold trim and lettering with Godzillaís silhouette on the front of the box. The Memorial Box contains 28 cards featuring all of Godzillaís movies except the American film. The Toho license sticker is the gold 50th Anniversary sticker with the year 2004 on the bottom and is found on the front of the box. No tags are included with the figures.

When the Memorial Box was first released, I intended to do a review on each figure, but was unable to do so at the time. The following will be a review of my opinion of each figure from the Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box Set and what couldíve been done to make the Memorial Box Set even better.

Memorial Box Godzilla 54

If youíre going to have a 50th Anniversary Memorial Box Set, you have to have Godzilla 54 in it. Unfortunately, the Godzilla 54 figure is near identical to the Movie Monster Series Godzilla 54. Bandai failed to use any creativity to make the Godzilla 54 figure more related to the Memorial Box. It has been mentioned that the original Godzilla 54 suit was a brown color. Bandai couldíve made the 54 figure in brown vinyl. Unfortunately, itís a missed opportunity by Bandai.

Memorial Box Godzilla 55

One of the most surprising, yet controversial figure in the Box Set. No one believed Bandai would ever produce a Godzilla 55, especially one as accurate and detailed as this figure. Unfortunately, while the figure was being assembled for production, the spines were placed in the wrong direction placing the largest spine on the lower part of the body. This angered many collectors despite the error not being that distracting from the look of the figure. Its possible one day Bandai will reissue Godzilla 55 with its spines in the correct position in the near future.

Memorial Box Godzilla 62

Considered the centerpiece of the Memorial Box figures, collectors for years demanded a newly sculpt Godzilla 62 figure and finally got their wish. Godzilla 62 is beautifully done with accurate color and detailed. Itís a shame this figure is out of scale with the Bandai King Kong.

Memorial Box Godzilla 64

Like Godzilla 62, Collectors desired a newly sculpt Godzilla 64 to take the place of the original standard Godzilla 64 figure that many collectors considers the worst Godzilla figure Bandai ever produced. Collectors lucky enough to see a prototype version of the Memorial Box Godzilla 64 at G-Fest XI were most impressed despite the figure being done in black vinyl and missing its spines. When released, Godzilla 64 is beautifully done in green vinyl and accurately detailed being much improved when compared to the first issue.

Memorial Box Godzilla 65

Another surprising figure, this time with no controversy, collectors also never thought Bandai would produce a Godzilla 65 figure. Not only accurately detailed, but fits in scale with the standard original King Ghidrah. Since the 66 Godzilla suit was constructed from the 65 suit, the Memorial Box Godzilla 65 figure can easily pass for a Godzilla 66 figure.

Memorial Box Godzilla 67

More shocking than surprising that Bandai would produce a Godzilla 67 figure. Many fans considered the 67 suit to be the ugliest Godzilla suit ever made, until Tristarís Godzilla came along. Bandai did do a great job in accurately capturing Godzilla 67ís look; donít know if thatís bad or good. Godzilla 67 does nicely fit in scale with the standard Kamakiras, but not with the standard Minya.

Memorial Box Angilas

While released for the fourth time, the Memorial Box Angilas sports a different color scheme. Fashioned after the HMV Godzilla 2005 and Angilas 2005, the Memorial Box version is done in gray vinyl and highlighted to feature a monochrome effect. Itís unknown what this variation represents. Some believe itís to reflect the black and white Angilas 55 version, yet this figure represents the 68 version. Despite being a reissue, the Memorial Box Angilas is still an attractive figure.

Memorial Box Godzilla 68

Possibly the most demanded Godzilla figure ever. Every Godzilla fan has seen ďDestroy All MonstersĒ and can quickly identify the look of Godzilla 68. The Memorial Box Godzilla 68 is beautifully done and is in scale with the original standard King Ghidrah. Itís unfortunate that Bandai didnít produce other monsters from ďDestroy All MonstersĒ other than Angilas in the six inch scale to accompany Godzilla 68.

Memorial Box Gigan

Also issued for the fourth time, the Memorial Box Gigan is fashion after the standard Gigan. Done in black vinyl, Giganís combination of black and gold colors comes off very attractively. This figure is a nice salute to the Standard version.

Memorial Box Fake Godzilla 74

When Bandai does get creative, they can produce amazing results. Using the Movie Monster Series Godzilla 74 mold, Bandai sculpted a new right arm revealing armor exposing MechaGodzilla74 as the Fake Godzilla. The armor portion features light blue highlights creating a great visual effect. The Memorial Box Fake Godzilla 74 is a welcome addition with a fraction of the cost for Bandai to produce.

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