The Complete Godzilla Bandai Six Inch Vinyl List

The Pearl

Just before the release of the toys based on the upcoming Toho film “Godzilla X Megaguirus” and at the height of the controversial dye jobs, A Bandai Godzilla 2000 figure appeared on eBay that raised much suspicion. The figure was made in clear translucent vinyl and was highlighted with a light purplish spray to create a pearl effect. The figure included a single tag that did not sport the Bandai logo or a Toho license sticker. Announced as the Super Pearl Crystal Godzilla 2000, most collectors immediately wrote this figure off as a bootleg. It was discovered the Pearl Godzilla 2000 was an event exclusive figure that was given away to guest and employees. The date of the event appears on the tag itself. Many collectors remained in denial until Bandai released their Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2001 and Megaguirus which sports a tag in the same design as the Pearl Godzilla tag. The Super Pearl Crystal Godzilla 2000 was first reported to be limited to 300, yet an issue of Hyper Hobby limits the figure to 700.

Super Pearl Crystal Godzilla 2000

In a surprise move, Bandai released the toys based on the new Toho film “Godzilla X Megaguirus” in a blister pack. Along with Godzilla 2001 and its new opponent Megaguirus were smaller figures of Meganuron, Meganura, and the Gryphon, which were featured in the film. It was believed that last years Bandai Orga didn’t sell too well and Bandai wanted to make sure the Megaguirus figure sold. The cardboard backing pictures artwork for the theater poster while the back pictures how each monster and mecha appeared in the film. The backing card is secured to the plastic case by tape so you can remove the toys without damaging the packaging. A gold Toho license sticker of the Marvel comics Godzilla is found on the front of the backing card, these figures do not have tags.

Godzilla X Megaguirus Blister Pack

Bandai Godzilla 2001 is reissued from last years Godzilla 2000, except the vinyl is green and the back spines are made to give Godzilla the appearance that he’s going to fire his ray. While Godzilla 2001, Megaguirus, and the Gryphon appear to be in scale with each other, the Meganuron and Meganura are not.

Godzilla 2001, Megaguirus, Meganuron, Meganura, and Gryphon

Theater Exclusive figures of Godzilla 2001 and Megaguirus were released, making Megaguirus the first of Godzilla’s opponents from the same film to be made as a Theater Exclusive. Godzilla 2001 is done in clear translucent vinyl with gold and orange highlights. The look appears to have Godzilla super charging up to fire his ray. Megaguirus appears to have an alternate paint job with silver spray highlights. Tags for both figures are the same except Godzilla is done in gold and Megaguirus is done in grey. The tags are single with the usual information found on the back of the tag. A gold Toho license sticker of the Marvel comics Godzilla is found on the tag of the Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2001, but not on the Theater Exclusive Megaguirus tag. For unknown reasons, Bandai released the Theater Exclusive Megaguirus in a plain white box, with the same Toho license sticker found on the box. It is unknown what the Theater Exclusives are limited too, but it has been mentioned that the GxM Blister pack had a more limited run than the 2001 Theater Exclusives.

Theater Exclusive Gold Godzilla 2001 & Silver Megaguirus

Bandai officialy issued the 7 inch Godzilla 2000 figure an astonishing seven times making the Godzilla 2000 figure the most released version of Godzilla by Bandai to this date

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