The Complete Gamera Bandai vinyl list
Little Braves

Gamera was brought back to the big screen in 2006 as a result of Kadokawa Pictures taking over Daiei Studios. In a surprise move, the new film "Gamera, Little Braves" shows Gamera newly hattched and growing during its infant stage taking Gamera in a new direction. Bandai produced a new Gamera 2006 figure based on the new film in the six inch scale.

Gamera 2006

The new Gamera 2006 figure is completely different from what collectors have seen in the past as this figure is in its infant stage and not full grown. It has been reported that the new Gamera is shown in several stages during its growth thoughout the film, yet this is the only representation Bandai has produced so far. The Tag is a gatefold and pictures the actual suit on the front and inside. The tag is a similiar style to the recent "Godzilla, Movie Monster Series" tags, but this time with green borders. The inside sports the usual information and the Kadokawa license is printed inside the tag. As of this writing, Gamera's opponent "Zedus" has yet to be produced in vinyl form from Bandai and it is doubtful Bandai will make a figure of Zedus.

In conjuntion with the new film, Bandai released three reissues from the six inch scale.

Original Gamera & Gamera 99

The original Gamera is done in green vinyl and features very little highlights. The tag pictures the original Gamera suit on the front and inside sports the a picture from "Gamera vs. Gyaos 67. The first issue original Gamera was part of the "Gamera Memorial Box" released in 1999.

Original Gamera (reissue) & Original Gamera (Memorial version)

Gamera 99 is repainted with ivory for the teeth and tusks and a brownish color for the claws. The center of the body is bronze and the vinyl is a darker green when compared to the previous issue. The tag pictures the actual suit on the front and inside.

Gamera 99 (2006 issue) & Gamera 99 (2001 issue)

Bandai also reissued Hyper Gyaos

Hyper Gyaos (2006 issue)

Hyper Gyaos has a brand new color scheme. Done in dark blue vinyl, Hyper Gyaos has reddish highlights on the body, back and legs and ivory highlights on the front and back of the wings. The front and inside of the tag pictures the actual suit. All figures mentioned above are part of the "Movie Monster Series".

No Bandai figures were produced as "Theater Exclusive" items and except for the Die Cast Gamera 2006, no DX/Battery Operated and Large Scale figures were produced.

HMV Exclusive Gamera Box Set

An HMV Box Set featuring paint variants of the six inch Gamera 2006, Original Gamera, and Gamera 99 had been released in 2006. The Gamera figures are paint variants and are separetly painted Gold, Bronze, and Silver. The figures were sold together in a black box featuring artwork of the three figures. No tags are found on any of the HMV Exclusives.

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