The Complete Gamera Bandai vinyl list
Advent of Legion

Gamera 96, Mother Legion, & Theater Exclusive Ultimate Plasma Gamera 96

With "Gamera, The Guardian of the Universe" being a huge success, Daiei Studios continued the series with the 1996 film "G2, Gamera vs. Legion" Bandai made a new mold for Gamera 96 and a stunning representation of the Mother Legion.

Mother Legion stands 7 inched tall and is over 11 inches long, yet is undersized when compared to Gamera 96, which also stands at 7 inches. Also, for the first time, the figures were done in softer vinyl. The tags have returned to the single card and picture the respected kaiju. The Daiei license stickers are still the same with red color for both.

With the success of the Theater Exclusive Melting Godzilla, Bandai produced a Theater Exclusive Gamera 96. Using the 96' mold, Gamera is done in orange vinyl with dark green and gold highlights. Dubbed "Ultimate Plasma Gamera" the look represents Gamera preparing to use its ultimate plasma attack against the Mother Legion. The tag is the same as the standard version with a circle white/red sticker announcing the figure as a Theater Exclusive.

Bandai also produced the DX Transforming Gamera 96.

DX Transforming Gamera 96 (standing stage)

Released in a box picturing the actual toy, This marks the first time a large sized Gamera figure has been made in its fiying form. The shell lifts up that allows you to place the arms and legs into the body, as well as extend the arm/wings.

DX Transforming Gamera 96 (flying stage)

The DX Transforming Gamera is also able to roar by pressing down on the head which opens the mouth and produces Gamera's roar.

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