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Bandai continued its successful run of kaiju vinyl toys by introducing Gamera vinyl figures in 1990. At the time, "Gamera vs. Gyaos" was regarded as the most popular of the Gamera series, which prompt Bandai to produce the Gamera 67 and his most famous foe Gyaos 67.

Gamera 67 & Gyaos 67

The Bandai Gamera 67 stands just under 6 and a half inches, while Gyaos 67 stands just over 7 inches. The tags are single cards and both have the same picture of Gamera battling Gyaos. The Daiei license sticker for both tags is the studio's logo and is colored in orange.

Gamera and Gyaos proved to be best sellers for Bandai to continue the line in 1991 with the release of Gamera's first opponent and his last during the original series.

Barugon & Zigra

Bandai choose to make Zigra with fins instead of feet which results in Zigra tipping forward and dulling the pointy front of its head. Both tags are the single cards and picturing the respected kaiju battling Gamera. Bandai must have felt necessary to have Gamera pictured on the tag to help customers be familiar with the monsters Gamera has fought. The Daiei license sticker is the same but in a lighter orange.

Bandai only released one of Gamera's opponents in 1992


The Bandai Gurion has been regarded as the most popular of the Gamera toys and for a time, was the most expensive when the figure became out of circulation. The tag is a single card and pictures Gurion battling Gamera. The Daiei license sticker is the same as above.

1993 saw Bandai round out the rest of Gamera's famous foes.

Jiger & Viras

Bandai continued to improve with accuracy and detail, as well as making the toys compatible with its first and only standard original series Gamera. Viras and Jiger are excellent representation on how they appeared in their films. Both of the tags are single cards, but while Viras is pictured battling Gamera, Jiger is pictured alone. The Daiei license sticker is the same, yet Viras is colored blue and Jiger is colored red.

To celebrate Gamera's 30th Anniversary, Daiei studios returned Gamera to the big screen in 1994 with the film "Gamera, The Guardian of the Universe". With a new origin, Gamera returns to once again battle his most famous foe, Gyaos. Bandai made vinyl representation of each main kaiju featured in the film.

Gamera 95 & Super Gyaos

Bandai went all out producing detailed and accurate looking vinyl figures of the new Gamera and Gyaos. Gamera 95 and Super Gyaos stands 7 inches, yet Super Gyaos has posable wings that can go up to 10 inches with a 11 and a half inch wingspan. The tags are folded and picture the respect kaiju on the front with artwork in the inside with information. The back pictures artwork of the film. Both tags sport the 30th anniversary logo and the Daiei license stickers is still the same with red color for both.

Bandai introduced its first DX Gamera figure in 1995.

DX PlasmaWalk Gamera 95

Released in a box picturing the actural toy, The DX PlasmaWalk Gamera 95 can walk forward when turned on and roar with its mouth opening. There is also a red light inside the mouth that is visable when the mouth opens. The DX PlasmaWalk Gamera 95 made a brief appearance during Animal Planets "It Came from Japan" documentary.

Bandai also produced a motorized Gamera figure for the "Real Action Series". The Real Action Gamera 95 requires a great degree of assembly and has never been a popular series. The Gamera 95 figure is the only Gamera related figure to be included to the Real Action Series.

1995 saw Bandai release their first Large Scale Gamera figure.

Large Scale Gamera 95

The Bandai Large Scale Gamera 95 stands just over 10 inches and comes in an artwork box. The figure also has a large size tag with a rubber band that can fit around the neck. There is a known bootleg of the Large Scale Gamera 95 colored in a lighter green, but not difficult to tell the difference between the original and the bootleg without comparing.

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