The Complete Godzilla Bandai vinyl list
The Heisei Era

With Toho releasing "Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah" in 1991, Bandai produced three standard figures from the movie. Godzilla 91, King Ghidorah 91, & Mecha King Ghidorah, The tags featured the advanced artwork poster. While the Godzilla 91 has the same gold license sticker, both Ghidorah's have a new gold sticker that pictures Godzilla as he was shown during the marvel comic days.

Godzilla 91, King Ghidorah 91, & Mecha King Ghidorah

While the new King Ghidorah 91 had new sculpted heads made, the mold for the Original King Ghidrah was used for the body and the wings. Yet Bandai made, not only a new mold for Mecha King Ghidorah, but made the figure in scale with Godzilla 91, while King Ghidorah 91 stands smaller in comparison. It was also later found out that Bandai reissued King Ghidorah 91 with duller horns. More than likely for safety reasons, but it is unknown when this was done or how many were released. Another interesting note, Bandai didn't produce a Godzillasaurus figure till 1993.

1992 saw Bandai release seventeen standard figures, yet eight of the figures were reissues from 1989. Some of the 92' reissues have different paint highlights when compared to their 89' counterpart, such as Angilas spikes, Gigan's scales, and Godzilla 64 appears to have less painted highlights. The 92í Mothra Larva 64 has a completely darker paint scheme than the 89' version. It appears Megalon, Rodan, and possibly Minya are the only figures difficult to tell the difference between 89' and 92' versions. There are know Bootlegs of Minya and Megalon. It's easy to spot a Bootleg Minya without comparing to the original and the Bootleg Megalon is styled after the Memorial Box Megalon. Some of the figures also were made in softer vinyl, such as Gigan and MechaGodzilla 74. All tags are the "Destroy All Monsters" type and gold or silver license stickers showing Godzilla's silhouette are found.

1992 also saw Bandai finally releasing Biollante in a very attractive box. Bandai also produced three new classic monsters: Baragon, Mechanikong, and Mothra Adult 64. While Baragon's tag is the "Destroy All Monsters" type, Mechanikong has its own picture on the tag, which hasn't been done since the first five Bandai figures (note, the 88' tags featured artwork of the kaiju). Mothra Adult 64 was released in a attractive window box. All figures mentioned sport the gold Godzilla silhouette license sticker on the tag or the box. All four figures have never been reissued.

Biollante, Baragon, Mechanikong, & Mothra Adult 64

With Toho releasing "Godzilla vs. Mothra 92" Bandai produced five figures from the movie. Godzilla 92, Mothra Larva 92, Mothra Adult 92, Battra Larva, & Battra Adult. While Mothra Adult and Battra Adult were released in boxes, Godzilla 92, Mothra Larva 92, & Battra 92 had tags attached featuring the movie poster. The gold license sticker is found on all tags and boxes.

Godzilla 92, Mothra Larva 92, Mothra Adult 92, Battra Larva, & Battra Adult

*UPDATE* I recently discovered a paint variant of the Mothra Larva 92. One features biege highlights and the other has reddish brown highlights. At the moment, it's unknown which variant is more common, but I plan to keep an eye out to see which of the two is rarer.

1993 saw Toho release "Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla". Bandai produced three figures and one reissue from the film: MechaGodzilla 93, Fire Rodan, and Baby Godzilla. Godzilla 93 was reissued from the 92' mold. Godzilla 93 featured metallic blue spray for the spines and gold eyes, while the 92' version has metallic grey spines and ivory eyes when compared. The tag feature artwork from the advance movie poster and features the gold or silver Godzilla silhouette license sticker.

Godzilla 93, MechaGodzilla 93, Fire Rodan, & Baby Godzilla

Two years after "Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah 91" Bandai decided to produce a Godzillasaurus figure. The tag pictures Godzillasaurus and sports the silver Godzilla silhouette license sticker. This figure is a stand alone item since Godzillasaurus is largely out of scale with the other toys.

That year also saw the release of the Godzilla 91/Godzillasaurus 2 Pack. While Godzilla is reissued from 91' it is believed there is a size difference, most notably the tail. It is also believed the Godzillasaurus has different paint highlights when compared to the tagged figure. Both figures are secured in a plastic display case mounted on a backing card that features a picture of both kaiju on the back of the card. It is commonly known the plastic case has become very fragile in time and suffers from cracks as well as the backing card sustaining bends. Godzillasaurus was reissued in 1995 for the Memorial Box and in 2005 for the 50th Anniversary Memorial Box.

Bandai also produced six Classic Monsters along with the Godzillasaurus figure

Godzillasaurus, Gorosaurus, King Kong, King Seesar, Hedorah, Kamakiras, & Jet Jaguar

All tags picture their respected kaiju, except King Kong, which pictures a artwork jungle background and lists King Kong in both Japanese and English. There is no Toho license sticker, since itís well known Toho doesn't own the rights to King Kong, but there is a gold sticker that says "KIP" on it. Gorosaurs, King Seesar, & Jet Jaguar have the Gold Godzilla Silhouette license sticker, yet Kamakiras has a silver Marvel Comics Godzilla sticker and Hedorah's is the same but gold. There's also two different paint highlights seen on Gorosarus and Hedorah. The highlights on the front of Gorosaurus have been found either shady or bright and Hedorah has been seen with light and darker highlights with darker eyes. Some Hedorah's have been found with softer vinyl as well. Gorosaurus, King Kong, Kamakiras, & Jet Jaguar have never been reissued.

Only one Classic monster was produced for 1994, the Mysterian's Mougera. The result of Bandai releasing this figure was the effect that Mougera was brought back to feature in Toho's "Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla". The tag pictures Mougera and sports the gold Marvel Comic Godzilla license sticker. The atteneas are known to easily break. This figure has never been reissued

For Toho's "Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla" Bandai released three standard figures and one reissue for the movie. Little Godzilla, G-Force Mogera, & Space Godzilla were released with folded tags that pictured the respected kaiju, as well as the artwork movie poster on the back and artwork of each respected kaiju and information on the inside of the tag. The Toho license sticker pictures the Marvel Comics Godzilla. The silver sticker is found on the Little Godzilla sticker, while gold ones were on the others. Little Godzilla has never been reissued but there is a known Bootleg of the toy. Space Godzilla has been found with two different paint highlights found on the shoulder crystals, a dark red and a light red. Godzilla 94 was reissued from the 92' version, with the same highlights as the 93' reissue, but made in softer vinyl. The tag is the same type mentioned above and the Toho License sticker is the Gold Marvel Comics Godzilla.

Godzilla 94, Little Godzilla, Space Godzilla, G-Force Mogera, & Mysterians Mougera

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