The Complete Godzilla Bandai vinyl list

For 1995, Toho announced Godzilla will die in its next featured film and for the time being, be the last Godzilla film. Bandai produced standard figures for all the kaiju featured in the film. Burning Godzilla, Godzilla Junior, First Stage Destroyah, and Final Stage Destroyah were released with folded tags that pictured the respected kaiju , as well as the artwork movie poster on the back and artwork with information on the inside of the tag. The gold Toho license sticker pictures the Marvel Comics Godzilla is found on all the toys tags. First Stage and Final Stage Destroyah have never been reissed.

For the film “Godzilla vs. Destroyah”, for the first time ever, a Bandai standard exclusive vinyl toy was sold in theaters. While this is not the first time Bandai made Theaters Exclusives, this would be the first time a Standard size toy was made as a Theater Exclusive. The Burning Godzilla mold was used and made in translucent orange vinyl with red highlights to represent Godzilla’s last moments before melting in the film. Known as “Melting Godzilla” not only was this toy sold in theaters, but can be mailed ordered as well during that time. The tag is the same used for the Burning Godzilla, with the same gold Toho license sticker. A white circle sticker proclaiming the toy is a “Limited Theater Exclusive” is found on the front of the tag, but it is known that not all the Theater Exclusives sport this white sticker on the tag. It is believe the mail order toys do not sport the Theater Exclusive sticker. While the toy sporting the Theater Exclusive sticker is more desired, a toy without the sticker is still considered equal value. It is unknown how many of the Melting Godzilla’s were made. 5,000 appears to be the popular number, but it is believe a lot more were produced.

The Theater Exclusive Melting Godzilla has been found with several different painted highlights. More or less the amount of red spray used in certain areas. Unfortunately it is difficult to give exact details without obtaining several samples to compare.

Burning Godzilla, Godzilla Junior, First Stage Destroyah, Final Stage Destroyah, & Theater Exclusive Melting Godzilla

1995 also saw Bandai release the “Godzilla Memorial Box” which included 14 repainted standard reissues of Godzilla and his famous foes. Cards were included for each figures picturing the movie poster that kaiju was featured in. Several dealers broke the boxes up and sold the toys individually, even going so far as punch hole the card and attaching it to the toy. The Box pictures movie posters of all the Godzilla films released up to that time. While the box is limited, it is unknown the exact number of boxes made. The gold Toho License sticker featuring the Marvel comics Godzilla is found on the box.

The Bandai Memorial Box figures are all made in soft vinyl and completely repainted with some sporting new vinyl color as well. It is very easy to distinguish the Memorial Box figures without comparing to the original toys.

Memorial Box Godzilla 62, Mothra Larva 64, Rodan, King Ghidrah, Angilas, Hedorah, Gigan, Megalon, MechaGodzilla 74, Godzillasaurus, Battra Larva, MechaGodzilla 93, G-Force Mogera, & Space Godzilla

With no more Godzilla films and Toho committing to making Mothra films, Bandai released one more set of standard reissues in 1996. Originally titled “Super Real Godzilla Series” Bandai reissued six vinyl figures with very detailed paint jobs. All tags are folded and picture the respected kaiju on the front. The back pictures all the movie posters up to “Destroyah” and each tag sports the gold or silver license sticker featuring the Marvel comics Godzilla. The tags also sport the title “Godzilla Forever” a title, more popular than the “Super Real Godzilla Series” and have since been renamed the “Forever series”.

Forever Godzilla 62, Glitter Godzilla, Meltdown Godzilla, Mecha King Ghidorah, Fire Rodan, & Baby Godzilla

The Forever Series is believed to be limited, yet no known number can be verified. 1,500 is the popular number, but it is believed more were produced. It is rumored that the Meltdown Godzilla had more quantities produced than the other figures. Many of these figures were sold separately, making it a challenge to complete a set.

Around this time, one of the rarest most sought after Bandai figures was produced: the Lottery Exclusive Translucent Clear Godzilla 95. Information is sketchy about this figure. It is believe this figure was offered as a prize and never for sale to the public. It is believed to be limited to 10 pieces and could be even less. An example of one had been seen on Yahoo Japan with only the eyes having painted highlights. A famous photo of Koichi Kawakita in his office pictures not only a clear Godzilla 95, but a Translucent Blue and Red figure in the background. It has been mentioned that these translucent blue and red figures were another type of lottery or magazine exclusive or it’s possible that Bandai just could’ve given Mr. Kawakita these figures. These figures are valued for several thousands of dollars and rarely offered for sale.

It has been heavily debate that these figures are essential to having a complete Bandai collection. Bandai has produced several limited figures in the past. Some as Lottery/Magazine Exclusives and some were just given to key people by Bandai themselves. Bandai Rep. Yasumasa Kawauchi has admitted to making unique variants of Bandai figures just for his own collection. It would be extremely difficult to obtain every item ever made by Bandai, including a prototype of each figure. While I believe every item is obtainable with a little hard work and a lot of cash, a complete collection will always reflect what that collector feels he needs for his collection to make it complete.

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