The Top 20 Greatest Bandai Toho Figures

5. Grand Dragon King Ghidorah 99

The greatest King Ghidorah vinyl figure Bandai has ever produced. Standing at 12 inches tall with a 18 inch wingspand, Grand Dragon King Ghidorah was released in a box and required the wings and tail to be assembled. This figure truely stands out and over most of the figures Bandai has produced.

I find it interesting that not only is this such a great toy and how well the King Ghidorah 99 suit performed in the Toho film "Mothra 3", but that this Ghidorah never fought Godzilla. With the Toho films "All Monsters Attack" and "Final Wars" we were given horrible looking Ghidorahs. The Grand Dragon King Ghidorah would've stoled the show in either of those movies and has me wondering what Toho was thinking not using the grandest of King Ghidorah's in those films?

4. Baragon

Another "Classic" figure from the early Bandai days. For many years, the Bandai Baragon was in such demand that many collectors would pay as high as $250 for one. While several toy companies have produced their versions of Baragon, the Bandai Baragon continues to be a favorite among collectors.

3. First Stage Destroyah

This figure is so highly detailed and accurate that it has been rumored that several of these toys have actually appeared in the Toho film "Godzilla vs. Destroyah" during longshot scenes when the military battle the swarm of Destroyahs. Though that rumor is not true, it's easy to believe that cause this figure is that life like. To this day, the Bandai First Stage Destoryah is the only standard size vinyl figure made by any toy company.

2. Gigan 2005

So much contorvery surrounded the Bandai "Final Wars" toys with the failure of Bandai not producing vinyl figures of all the monsters from the film, to including an undesirable Xian Alien figure, and the numerous unnecessary paint variants and exclusives. Yet Bandai produced an incredible vinyl representation of Gigan 2005. The Standard Gigan 2005 is near flawless and appears exactly as the suit appeared in the film. The Upgrade (chainsaw) Gigan 2005 is just as good. Word has it that lower quantites of both figures were produced by Bandai when compared to the other figures produced from the "Final Wars" film suggesting a possible value increase for both figures in the future.

1. Mecha King Ghidorah

The Bandai Standard Mecha King Ghidorah easily stands above and beyond the other Toho monsters Bandai has produced. Back in 1991, Bandai disappointed collectors with its poor version of King Ghidorah 91, reusing body parts from the Bandai Standard Original King Ghidrah and sculpting new heads in an effort to save money. Yet that saved money was well spent on producing a great Mecha King Ghidorah. Standing 12 inches with a 13 inch wingspand, the Bandai Mecha King Ghidorah is very detailed, accurate, and stands inscale with the Bandai Godzilla 91. It is also the only Standard Bandai figure of that size made in hard vinyl.

The only two drawbacks to this figure is the lack of painted highlights found on the 1991 issued Mecha King Ghidorah. Bandai made up for this by including Mecha King Ghidorah as part of the "Forever Series" with painted metallic highlights on the body and wings and gold paint for the heads/necks, legs, and tails. Unfortunately, the Forever Mecha King Ghidorah was made in soft vinyl, but hardly distracts how great this figure looks. Secondly, the first issue Mecha King Ghidorah is suspectable to damage. This figure is known to have it's horns, spike ends of the wings and tail ends, and pointed tip found on the top of the middle head found broken. Be cautious and carefully examine the Bandai Mecha King Ghidorah before purchasing.

Forever Series Mecha King Ghidorah

Despite the drawbacks, for a toy that was made in 1991 to look this great was a major accomplishment by Bandai. The only other Standard size vinyl figure of Mecha King Ghidorah that exsists was made by Marmit for its "Monster Heaven" series and while I have yet to see this figure, I also have yet to find any collector even compare Marmit's version to Bandai's. Bandai also produced Mecha King Ghidorah for its six inch series and as nice as the six inch version is, The Standard version is the more desirable figure.

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