The Top 20 Greatest Bandai Toho Figures

10: Great Monster Series Large Scale King Ghidrah

It's a shame that to this day, Bandai has yet to make a new updated version of the original King Ghidrah. With Bandai only making two vinyl representation of King Ghidrah, the Large Scale version is the popular choice. Standing 13 inches tall with a 23 inch wingspand, the Large Scale King Ghidrah truely stands out. The only drawback is the fragile wings this figure is known for.

9: Mechanikong

Barely a handful of vinyl Mechanikongs have ever been produced by various toy companies and Bandai's version is simply the best overall. What more can I say about this wonderful figure?

8: Battra Larva

Bandai's Battra Larva is the only vinyl representation ever made by any toy company. This figure is very accurate and heavily detailed. Reissued for the 1995 Bandai Memorial Box, yet the first issue with its hard vinyl and gold highlights is the more desired figure.

7: Titanosaurus

Probably the most requested kaiju to be produced as a toy by Bandai among American collectors. Bandai finally delivered in 2002, adding Titanosaurus to the six inch Movie Monster Series. The only drawback I can think of is that this figure wasn't made in the standard scale. Also reissued as a Toy's Dream Project Exclusive with an alternate paint job. Both are remarkable figures.

6. MechaGodzilla 75

Simultaneously released with Titanosaurus, Bandai's MechaGodzilla 75 may had stoled some of Titanosaurus thunder when first released due to MechaGodzilla 75 just being an accurate and highly detailed figured. While other toy companies have produced versions of Mechagodzilla 75, Bandai's version is no doubt the best of the bunch.

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