The Top 20 Greatest Bandai Toho Figures

I have received several requests for a Top 20 of Bandai's Toho Monster figures in conjunction with the "Top 20 Greatest Bandai Godzilla Figures" article I did a while back. It was a bit of a challenge to decide which are the greatest Toho Monsters Bandai has produced, not only in my opinion, but in the opinion of other collectors. While I hope many agree with my list, collectors are always entitled to what they feel are truely the greatest vinyl figures. While figures in the Standard, Large Scale, and Six Inch variation will be on the list, only vinyl figures will be listed, no Battery Operated, High Grades, Hypers, ect. will be included. I based the list on popularity and demand rather than rarity and value. Enjoy this special look at the fine work Bandai has done throughout the years.

20: Rodan 93

1993 saw Bandai produce a "Fire Rodan" figure from the Toho film "Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 93". While the figure has a nice sculpt, the paint job has been a bit unsatisfying. The Bandai Fire Rodan had its paint job improved when it was included in the Forever Series and made to the six inch scale for the Movie Monster Series, but when Fire Rodan was included as part of the Bandai Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box, It was painted as the wing kaiju appeared in the opening scenes of the film when it was just "Rodan". The brown painted Rodan looks impressive and is a creative idea by Bandai to make Rodan 93 exclusive to the Memorial Box.

19: Gigan 72

Gigan 72 is the first newly sculpt figure to be made for Bandai's Six Inch "Godzilla Island" series. The Standard version of Gigan 72 has always been somewhat of an undesired figure and it was nice for Bandai to create a much necessary new sculpt of Gigan 72 for its six inch series. While other toy companies have since produced more accurate versions of the original Gigan, Bandai's six inch version was highly anticipated at the time.

18. Destroyah

Toys for the Toho film "Godzilla vs. Destroyah" were highly anticipated upon release, yet collectors were rather disappointed in the Standard Destroyah figure. The figure was smaller and out of scale with Bandai's sensational "Burning Godzilla" and Destroyah's wings were poorly sculpt with the figure looking embarassing when its wings were spread out.

Bandai corrected this problem by improving the Destroyah figure for its six inch "Godzilla Island" series. Destroyah's wings were improved to were they can be spread out or tucked in back of the figure creating a great look for the figure.

17. Jet Jaguar

Bandai surprised collectors in 2006 by adding Jet Jaguar to the six inch series. While the standard version has always been considered a nice looking figure, the Movie Monster Series Jet Jaguar sports metallic highlights that greatly improves the look of Jet Jaguar's appearence when compared to the original version.

16. Hedorah

Hedorah's popularity truely emerged in recent years prompting several toy companies to create several vinyl versions of Hedorah. It surprised no one when Bandai announced they would create a new sculpt of Hedorah for its six inch Movie Monster Series. The result was a greatly improved version of Hedorah when compared to the original standard version.

As great as this figure turned out, many collectors were unsatisfied with the Movie Monster Series Hedorah being smaller than the Godzilla 68 that was simulateously released with Hedorah. Collectors couldn't believe Bandai made the same mistake they did with the Standard Hedorah being out of scale with other Bandai Godzilla figures. It's this reason why Hedorah is not higher on the list.

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