The Top 20 Greatest Bandai Godzilla Figures

5. Godzilla 74

At the time, the Movie Monster Series Godzilla 74 was the most anticipated Godzilla figure ever produced by Bandai. Upon release, this figure sold out quickly in Japan, making it very difficult for several American dealers to obtain large quantities. It is believed Toho would never let Bandai make a 70’s version of Godzilla. True or not, this figure is long overdue and looks fantastic.

4. Godzilla 91

The best word to describe this figure is “Classic”. The first standard Godzilla figure outside the famous First 5 Plastic Tag figures, known as the first “closed mouth” Godzilla figure, and except for being released as a 2 pack with Godzillasurus, has never been reissued in any size. Godzilla 91 is still one of the most desired Godzilla figures Bandai has ever produced to this day.

3. Big Scale Godzilla 94

Whether you like to call it “Super Premium” or “Big Scale” it’s still the largest Godzilla figure Bandai has ever produced. An instant attention grabber standing at an amazing 24 inches tall, collectors have a challenge of just trying find space to display this massive figure. To make things harder, Bandai released its “Super Final Premium” Godzilla, made in orange vinyl and highlights to feature its meltdown phase, a year later. While the 94 version was reissued a few years later, the Super Final Premium Godzilla is limited and continues to go up in value. Either version is equally desirable.

2. Godzilla 62

From the Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box, many collectors feel this is the greatest Godzilla 62 figure period. Highly regarded as the “Centerpiece” of the Memorial Box, Bandai’s Godzilla 62 is an incredible figure, greatly improved over the original Bandai Godzilla 62 figure released back in 1983. While the Memorial Godzilla 68 was the most desired figure in the Memorial Box, The Memorial Godzilla 62 is the “Must Have” figure of the Box Set.

1. Theater Exclusive Melting Godzilla.

On a personal note, after I completed this list, I asked a friend what he felt was his number one Bandai Godzilla toy; he mentioned the Large Scale Godzilla 91 cause that was the first Bandai Godzilla figure he ever got. I found it interesting since the Theater Exclusive Melting Godzilla is the first ever Bandai Godzilla toy I ever got and is my number one choice.

After two reissues of the Bandai Godzilla 92 figure, Bandai surprised collectors with a beautifully sculpt Burning Godzilla. The Burning Godzilla mold is so popular it has been reissued 3 times in the standard size, not counting the mega rare magazine/lottery exclusives, and 6 times in the six inch scale. Bandai produced some incredible exclusives using the Burning Godzilla mold, like the Forever Glitter Godzilla and the Forever Meltdown Godzilla, but the version that still stands out the most is the Theater Exclusive Melting Godzilla.

50th Anniversary Memorial Box Melting Godzilla

Still regarded at the greatest Bandai Theater Exclusive figure ever, the Melting Godzilla is also the first ever translucent figure Bandai’s produced. Made in orange vinyl with red highlights, the melting effect is beautifully captured. Sold as a mail order, as well in the theaters, this figure is believed to have at least 3 paint variants, depending on the amount of sprayed paint highlights found on various parts of the body. The Melting Godzilla was reissued twice in the six inch scale, first horribly done as one the first Bandai Museum Exclusives and then beautifully done for the Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box. But as attractive as the Memorial Box melting Godzilla is, the standard version is the most significant and one of the most desirable Bandai Godzilla figures any collector could ever want.

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