The Top 20 Greatest Bandai Godzilla Figures

10: Godzilla 54

Many collectors have to wonder why it took Bandai 15 years from when the first Godzilla figure was released to finally produce a Godzilla 54 figure. This figure was first introduced as part of the Toho Kaiju Series and has since been reissued four times and twice more as a translucent exclusive. While many collectors probably don’t feel this figure deserves such a high ranking, version four from the Movie Monster Series is the best yet. The 2005 release of Godzilla 54 is done in light grey vinyl with the eye pupils painted smaller and a more detailed spray on the spines finds a huge improvement over the previous figures, as well as a more desirable figure.

9: Godzilla 2005

Whether you love or hate the film “Final Wars” you can’t deny Godzilla looks great in it. And leave it to Bandai to make a great figure of it. Finally moving away from the “Millennium” look, Final Wars Godzilla is slimmer with distinct features from the Heisei and Showa eras. Bandai produced this figure in the standard size, but have recently been rescaled to the six inch size as well. You can’t go wrong with either. There’s no mistaking which movie this figure represents which makes Godzilla 2005 so unique.

8: Godzilla 64

From the Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box, Bandai has finally improved on its Godzilla 64 released back in 1984. Considered by many collectors as the worst Godzilla figure produced by Bandai, it took Bandai 20 years to finally release a new sculpt Godzilla 64 and none were disappointed. Accurately done in every way possible, collectors who didn’t get the 50th Anniversary Memorial Box can only hope Bandai reissues this wonderful figure.

7: Hyper Hobby Glitter Godzilla 2002

Probably the most controversial Godzilla suit Toho ever put out to screen. Has been praised for being the most powerful and expressive Godzilla suit to being criticized for its beer belly and hunched back. As controversial as the 2002 suit is, the Bandai toy is just incredible. This figure also was the first new standard size Godzilla toy made since 1995. Hyper Hobby made an exclusive version, made in clear vinyl with black and glitter injected into the vinyl. The results are amazing with gold highlights on the top of the spines adds nicely to it. Hyper Hobby’s exclusive is no doubt the most desirable version of Godzilla 2002.

6. DX Godzilla 2004

Surprised to see this figure ranked so high? Bandai had original planned to have electronics inside this figure, more likely to have a roar effect. But for unknown reasons, Bandai scrapped the idea and just sold it as a large vinyl figure. Standing just under 11inches tall and 22 inches long, this is the largest Godzilla vinyl figure that Bandai has produced since the 90’s and with the Godzilla series on hiatus, collectors might not see another large scale Godzilla figure made by Bandai for some time. Did I mention this figure looks great and actually fits in scale nicer with the standard Mothra Larvas than the standard Godzilla 2004?

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