The Top 20 Greatest Bandai Godzilla Figures

Bandai has continued to be the most popular and recognizable manufacture of Godzilla vinyl figures. With the release of Bandai's Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box, a large variety of various Godzilla figures have been released, leaving very few suit variations left for Bandai to produce. This list is a look at the top 20 Godzilla figures Bandai has released. While the list will focus on the suit type of each Godzilla suit that Bandai produced, certain Exclusive type figures will be in the spotlight. While figures in the Standard, Large Scale, and Six Inch variation will be on the list, only vinyl figures will be listed, no Battery Operated, High Grades, Hypers, ect will be included. I based the list on popularity and demand rather than rarity and value. While I don't expect every collector to agree with the order found on the list, it is a fun way to take a special look at the fine work Bandai has done throughout the years and will enable each collector to form their own lists.

20: Godzilla 55

From the Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box, Godzilla 55, at one point, was one of the least known and rarely seen Godzilla suits. To this day, the film "Godzilla Raids Again" is still one of the least seen Godzilla films among the fans today. This hasn't stopped companies like Marmit from producing vinyl toys of this figure. In a surprising move, Bandai added this figure to its Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box. Almost celebrating 50 years itself, Bandai's Godzilla 55 is incredibly accurate and sports a closed mouth, which is rarely done on a Bandai Godzilla. This figure would've been placed higher on the list if it wasn't, for some unknown reason; the spines on the figure were placed in the wrong direction during assembly, angering many collectors as a result.

19: Large Scale Godzilla 91

Bandai's second Large Scale figure, standing at about 15in' and 23in' long, Godzilla 91 is beautifully sculpt and is a favorite among collectors. This figure was released in an attractive box featuring incredible artwork. Reissued a few years later, resulting in the price remaining affordable for a 14 year old figure, It's more than likely a large majority of collectors will have this figure and while the first issue sports harder vinyl and the "Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah" logo on the box, either version is a worth while find.

18. Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2003

After Shusuke Kaneko's shot at a Godzilla film, Masaaki Tezuka retuned Godzilla's look to resemble more like the Godzilla 2000 suit, resulting in a smaller head and limited mobility during the film. Despite the suits flaws, this didn't stop Bandai from making a nice vinyl figure. Bandai created a new sculpt for Godzilla 2003 and continued to use the Standard scale after just being brought back the previous year. As nice as this figure turned out, the Theater Exclusive version received the most attention. Made in clear vinyl with white, silver, and blue highlights, the Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2003 gave the look of Godzilla being frozen by MechaGodzilla, despite Godzilla never truly being frozen in the film. Collectors loved this look and have since been one of the most desired exclusives.

17. Godzilla 75

From the Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box, Bandai found a way to release a new figure at minimal cost. Using the Godzilla 74 mold, Bandai sculpt a new head and changed the vinyl color from black to green. The result found an incredible accurate likeness to Godzilla 75. The release of this figure couldn't come sooner. With the release of Titanosaurus and MechaGodzilla 75, these figures match nicely with Godzilla 75.

16. Godzilla 65

From the Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Box, another surprising figure no one ever expected Bandai to produce. While there have been a few Godzilla 65 figures produced by other companies, Bandai's version is clearly the best. The accuracy and detail is amazing with nice highlights and is also in scale with Bandai's standard original King Ghidrah. This figure also closely resembles the Godzilla 66 suit, since the 65 suit was used to make the 66 suit. No doubt one of the best Godzilla figures from the Memorial Box.

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