The Top Godzilla Figures of 2012

With the next five top toys of 2012, collectors will wonder way certain toys were even considered to be ranked this high after seeing such fine examples on the last page. I don't feel because a toy is super high priced, limited, and hard to get warrants being consider a top toy of the year. Even the simplest toys that are affordable and easy to obtain should not be overlooked. Even I still like to walk in a store and buy a cool toy off the shelf. I like to see those examples as some of top toys of the year. But, of course, there are some high end items that just cannot be over looked. Lets round out the rest of the top toys of 2012

5: Bandai Creation Rainbow Mothra (Fusion Series)

The only reissued and translucent toy on the list. Bandai Creations Godzilla Series is a favorite for collectors due to the affordability and availability of the figures found in retail stores. The line often receives critcism from advanced collectors for not being up to par with Bandai Japans Godzilla line, but also have admitted that the Bandai Creation Rainbow Mothra was a big improvement when compared to the version released by Bandai Japan. With the release of Bandai Creations Fusion Series, several figures were reissued in tranclucent vinyl. Majority of the figures from the "Fusion" line failed to impress, but the Rainbow Mothra truely stood out with a beautiful combination of paint and translucent vinyl with glitter mixed in. A great effort by Bandai Creation for producing such a visual appealing figure.

4: Bandai MonsterArts SpaceGodzilla

When the Bandai Godzilla MonsterArts Series was announced, collectors were to expect fully articulated, detailed, and accurate representations of Godzilla and his Kaiju foes. Of the figures released for this line during 2012, SpaceGodzilla stood out above the rest. Few toy companies have produced a vinyl figure of SpaceGodzilla, but MonsterArts version is the best out there today.

The figure is dead on in detail and accuracy. Unfortunately, some quality issues have been reported, for example, the head and portions of the tail detatching from the figure, but these parts can be easily reattach. The Bandai MonsterArts SpaceGodzilla is a must have for any collector.

3. GigaBrain King Ghidrah

Japan based Gigabrain have been producing stylized representations of Godzilla and its Kaiju foes for a number of years now, but no one expected to see something as spectacular as their version of King Ghidrah. Collectors have been glamouring for a accurate representation of Godzillas greatest opponent and finally got it with the Gigabrian King Ghidrah. Not only does this figure look amazing, but it's BIG, easily towering over Bandais six inch and MonsterArts series figures. Also has been released in glow and black vinyl.

Limited and pricey, but still worth it for any collector. Many feel this is the number one toy of the year. The only reason it's not on my list is that I do not own this figure or have even held it. If I had, I may have even placed the Gigabrain King Ghidrah as Number One!

2. X-Plus Varan

I've seen so much in this hobby, that it takes quite a lot to impress me. When I first saw the X-Plus Varan, I literally "freaked out". I was amazed at the size and detail of a kaiju that has rarely been produced by any toy manufacture to this scale. So many things I love about this figure. The forward marching pose, The detail in the bumps on the scales of the back, wrinkles and folds on the body/legs, the long tail, and the spikes on the back done in clear vinyl. Beautifully painted with dark and light colors. But my favorite is the detail and look of the face. Just incredible.

I would have liked to seen some articulation for this figure has none, but still just and incredible figure. X-Plus also released the crawling version of Varan in 2012 for the 25cm line that is just as impressive, but this version of the X-Plus Varan is the best.

1. X-Plus Titanosaurus

The release of the X-Plus Titanosaurus was highly anticipated in 2012 and collectors were not disappointed. Titanosaurus, one of Tohos most popular kaiju from the Showa era, commands a straight up posture with a mix of beautiful colors and high detail. The X-Plus Titanosaurus is so amazingly accurate that the figure looks as if it jumped right off the movie screen. The colors are very nicely done and higlighted with gloss to give the skin some shine. The texture of the skin is amazing for you can feel the bumps along the body. The face accurately hangs down due to the figures long neck and a nice touch to have the tonque hang out of the mouth. The fins and antennas are flexable, reducing any risk of breakage.

Another nice added touch is there's articulation in the arms that allows the figure to sport various poses, something that the X-Plus Varan was lacking. The X-Plus Titanosaurus is a Magnificent figure and is the top toy of 2012

I would like to Thank Tim Crane for his contribution (GigaBrain King Ghidrah) and Joe Astalfa for his contibution (X-Plus Biollante) and their support for this article.

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