The Top 10 Godzilla Figures of 2012

If there was a toy manufacture that dominated production during 2012, that would be X-Plus with their superb line of model like vinyl kaiju figures. Bandai also hit it big with their MonstarArts Series of fully articulated and accurate representations of Godzilla and his kaiju foes. Bandai Creation also introduced their highly sought after Fusion Series. Very little to nothing was seen from M1, Marmit, and Pilot Ace, yet GigaBrain produced one of the most highly demand and popular figures ever. This list is based on popularity of the figure released, the availability/price of the figure, and how well the figure is represented as the final product, as well as my hands on look at the toy itself. Lets take a look at the toys of 2012...

Honorable Mention: Bandai MonsterArts Series King Ghidorah 91'

One of the highly anticipated figures of 2012 was King Ghidorah 91' from the Bandai MonsterArts Series. Dead on accuracy, detailed, and fully articulated. This figure is the most accurate representation of King Ghidorah 91' ever manufactured. Unfortunately, what kept this figure out of the top 10 list is its poor quality and defects in the wings along with the high price tag. But if handled with care... this is still the best representation of King Ghidorah 91' out there today.

10: X-Plus Manda 63'

One of the surprises from X-Plus is Manda 63'. Very few and inferior representations of Manda exist, but X-Plus hits this one out of the park with their very detailed and ferocious life like appearence of Manda right down to the scales, hair, and whiskers. My only complaint is the posture and lack of articulation of Manda, which makes this figure somewhat hard to display, but still an excellent representation of Manda 63'

9: X-Plus Biollante

Several toy manufactures like Bandai and Marmit has produced representations of Biollante, but X-Plus released a monster of a figure that overshadows them all. Very detailed with articulation in the mouth and tendrils.

Easily the best and greatest version of Biollante ever. Unfortunately, big things comes with high prices and the lack of availability made it difficult for collectors to add this magnificent item to their collection.

8. X-Plus Rodan 64

Another surprise by X-Plus is the release of Rodan 64'. This large sized representation of Rodan is incredible. The detail is amazing with the spikes on the body to the expression of the face itself.

Unfortunately, due to the figure being top heavy, there is a risk of the figure falling over forward and sustaining rubs and scraps on the beak and face. Another handle with care issue, but still an amazing figure.

7. X-Plus Gorosaurus

While the X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus is a true masterpiece, the recently released 25cm version of Gorosaurus is very well done with many collectors feeling the smaller version is a better repesentation of the popular dino kaiju.

Beautifully sculpt, leaning forward with tail raised, and highlighted on the front of the body gives the X-Plus Gorosaurus a great look. Unfortunately, this figure has no articulation, but still a magnificent version of Gorosaurus.

6. X-Plus Gigan

Another fine repesentation of Gigan for the X-Plus 25cm Series. This figure looks so dead on accurate that it appears right off the movie screen. Another great example of how the 25cm version beats out it's bigger 30cm version of Gigan. The variant version of Gigan with the light up visor is a really cool feature.

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