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The following items are for sale. Prices are listed and not negotiable. Buyer pays shipping. All items are mint except noted. Money Order or Cashiers Check only. No Paypal. E-Mail to Vinylmaddness@AOL.COM if interested in an item for purchase. Seller is not responsible for items once shipped.

Yutaka Godzilla Items For Sale

Trendmasters Godzilla Items For Sale

Bandai Museum Godzilla Items For Sale

M1 Godzilla Items For Sale

New Items 6/2/16

Marmit Monster Heaven Battra Larva (no bag and header card) $375

New Items 11/28/14

Bandai Godzilla X Megaguirus Blister Pack (sealed) SOLD

Bandai Muto w/Tag $40

M1 Glow Godzilla 74 $150

Bare Model Crystal Godzilla 54 (bagged) $150

Bare Model Crystal Godzilla 62 (Bagged) $150

Bare Model Glow Godzilla 54 SOLD

Sega Hyper Gyaos (Mint on Card) $50

Bandai (USA) Super-Deforemed Godzilla Set Sealed $35

New Items 8/4/14

X-Plus Ultra Q Dragon/Manda w/Princess Mint on Card $150

Bandai Godzilla 2000 History Set Mint in Box $50

Bandai Mini UltraMan Set 1998 Mint in Box $15

New Items 7/19/14

M1 Unpainted Reptilicus w/ Tag $150

Marmit Godzilla 54 $100

M1 Godzilla 54 $80

Bare Model Gigan w/ mini Flying Gigan $100

X-Plus Original Gyaos $35

New Items 7/12/14

Bandpresto Godzilla 54 (brown) $75

Bandpresto Godzilla 54 (Black) $75

Bandai Custom Dye Godzilla 2000 (Purple) $50

Bandai Custom Dye Godzilla 2000 (Green) $50

Bandai Mothra 1997 $60

X-Plus Barugon $50

X-Plus Burning Gamera 96 SDCC Exclusive $50

Bandai High Grade Gamera 3 Set Complete Sealed w/Capsule $75

Includes: Gamera 99, Irys, Jaiger, Flying Gamera 99, Zigra & Hyper Gyaos

New Items 6/29/14

M1 Glow Hedorah $100

M1 Lucky Bag Unpainted Titanosaurus SOLD

Sega Burning Fist Gamera $60

Sega Burning Gamera 95 $50

X-Plus Super Gyaos Mint on Card $75

New Items 10/15/13

Bandai Original Gamera w/ Tag $60

Bandai Zigra w/ Tag $50

New Items 10/01/13

M1 Jet Jaguar Mint in Bag $100

Bandai Sepia and Smoke Exclusive Godzilla 54 Sold as pair $60

New Items 9/22/13

Pacific Rim KnifeHead Mint in Package $40

New Items 9/20/13

Bandai 6in Movie Monster Series Final Wars Gigan w/ tag. $45

Bandai 6in Space Godzilla (Movie Monster Series) w/ Tag $45

Bandai 6in King Ghidorah (Movie Monster Series) w/ Tag $45

New Items 9/12/13

Yutaka Gamera 96, Legion, Super Gayos, & Gamera 96. All w/ tags. All four sold as set $50

Bandai 6in Mecha King Ghidorah (Godzilla Island) w/ Tag $60

Bandai High Grade Godzilla Set 1 (complete set) $90

Marmit Giant Godzilla 68 SOLD

New Items 9/10/13

Godzilla 62 Bust (no tie) $30

Marmit Glow Godzilla 54 SOLD

Rocket Pro Gurion $65

M1 Glow Godzilla 62 SOLD

Bandpresto Godzilla 2000 $75

Marmit Parababy Hedorah $90

Bare Model Glow Godzilla 74 & Glow MechaGodzilla 74 SOLD

New Items 8/26/13

Trendmasters Doom Island Megalon (boxed) $80

Bandai Hedorah W/ Tag, $65

Bandai Real Action Godzilla 2002 Mint in Package, $75

Bandai Real Action Godzilla 2001 Mint in Package, $75

Bandai Hypyer Gamera 2 Set Mint in Package, $70

Bandai Mothra 1998 Mint in Package, $50

CCP Melting Godzilla lights up $110

Marmit Monster Heaven Godzilla 62 $150

Bare Model Godzilla figures for sale. All are out of bag w/ header card included unless specified in bag.

Standard Size

Dancing Godzilla 65 $80

MechaGodzilla 74 (in bag) $100
Crystal Gigan $150

Crystal MechaGodzilla 74 (in bag) $150

Bare Model 5" Figures.

Godzilla Translucent Set (Godzilla 55, Angilas 55, Godzilla 65, Rodan, and King Ghidrah) $100

Amada Mothra 2 Trading Cards w/ chase and special (all cards not pictured)
All cards Mint with protective sleeves $40

Chase Cards

Special Card (Belvera)

Missing SP-01, SP-02, & SP-04.

(Note* Will not sell set of cards individually)

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