The innovators at Kaiyodo unleashed the SCI-FI REVOLTECH Series featuring film icons from Sci-Fi, Horror, and Animation to name a few. Popular Kaiju have appeared in this series. Such as Baragon, Gamera, Gyaos, Mothra, Mougera, Rodan, and Angilas. The focus of this article will be the newly released Gigan 72.

Gigan is secured in a very nice window box. The front of the box is held closed by velcro where anyone can pick up the box and open the cover to see the contents.

Inside of the cover has a wealth of information on Gigan, yet you do need to know Japanese. The back show basic instructions on what Gigan can do. Even though the instructions are Japanese, it's easy enough to follow the instructions. I found it interesting that the "Warning" label is in Japanese and English.

Those that like to perserve the packaging will find it's easy to remove the tray that houses Gigan and all the parts without cutting tape or damaging the box. Gigan is securely tie wraped onto the tray with plastic wraps to prevent rubs on the figure.

On a personal note, I held off on this series because of my past experience with the Takara Microman series. The Microman always fell apart and was a pain to pose the suit, which really resulted in no posing at all. I figured I'd make an exception with Gigan since the kaiju is one of my favorites.

Once Gigan was out of the packaging, I found the figure difficult to pose, which made me felt I wasted my money. I soon got the hang of how it worked and actually started to have fun with it. The contents that came with the figure were pieces of the oil refinery Gigan attacked in the film "Godzilla vs. Gigan 72". The tallest portion of the refinery has a part that can be removed and in its place, a damaged piece from a result of Gigans rampage. A nice name plate is also included.

I found the tail of the figure to be bendable. Here are two shots of the tail straight and lifted.

If you are going to have a posable Gigan, you must be able to pose the figure in its flying mode. This can be easily accomplished

As I played with the figure, I was able to do several poses. Articulation can be found in the head/neck, mouth, pinchers, shoulders/elbow/arms, hip/legs/feet, and tail.

The wings are very flexable, which is great so they won't break, but it is difficult to get the wings straight. While the tail bends, you have to squeeze the tail into the position desired.

I wanted to see how durable the figure is and tried to be a little rough on it when posing. I found the arms and legs can detach. But the parts are staked and easy to reinsert and staying on tight. It's possible the wings can be pulled off with enough force, but I won't take that chance

The paint job is well done, featuring highlights thoughout the figure. The visor is well detailed and the scales look great. One compliant I heard is you can see the ball joints and.. you can. In some positions, you can see right through the figure. I don't really see a problem. Other complaints have been bad proportions of the arms and legs that really appear just fine to me. Sometimes collectors just like to nit pick and should just be ignored, especially if they haven't even bought the figure.

My only disappointment is the size of the figure. Compared the the Bandai 6" Gigan, it would be nice if the Kaiyodo figure was larger. Still a great looking figure regardless.

While I'm impressed with the series, word has it the line is already in trouble when it comes to the Toho Kaiju figures. Appearently, Kaiyodo don't have the rights to make a Godzilla figure. King Ghidrah and MechaGodzilla has also been mentioned Kaiyodo don't have rights to. Also, word has it the series is not a big seller. I don't know if it relects just the Kaiju figures or the whole line which includes Aliens, Predator, Jason from Friday the 13th, and Batman. I do see this series all over Yahoo Japan, including Baragon, which was the first Kaiju of the series, at decent starting bids. I would love to see a Megalon and had heard rumor that Jet Jaguar was to be released, but is on hold. I'm hoping the Kaiyodo SCI-FI REVOLTECH series continues with more kaiju on the way.

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