Pao Burning Godzilla Resin model kit

The Hobby of collecting Godzilla merchandise is so interesting because there are many areas of the hobby you can focus on. Toys, models, posters, trading cards, ect. Because there's so much in abundance, when it comes to Godzilla merchandise, collectors tend to focus on certain specifics like collecting Bandai figures or movie posters which can result in obtaining something quite unique in your collection that not too many collectors will have. Through my years of collecting, I've tried to get my hands on a little of everything. While I've been fortunate to obtain several rare and unique pieces to my collection and share on my website, there is one particular piece that I get asked about the most. That is the Pao Burning Godzilla model kit.

Collecting model kits is truely for the advance collector. Not only do one require skills to assemble and paint a model, Garage kits (as they are commonly known for kits originally being produced in an actual garage) tend to be limited and quite expensive. Model kits are the best way to go when you want the actual likeness of the way Godzilla and its fellow Kaiju appeared in the films. Well known manufactures like Kaiyodo and Paradise are popular for their vinyl kits, but it's the Resin kits that truely stand out and Pao is one of the best.

I know very little of Pao, other than their model kits are limited and quite pricey, yet command such detail in thier work. Often sold in a white box with a drawing of an elepants heat and POA in red letters. A color glossy picture of the assembled kit is included. While I refer to this kit as a "Burning Godzilla" Pao released two versions of the kit. One in clear resin and the other in red, like the one I have. I believe the clear version is intended to be painted to be a Burning Godzilla, though there's no reason not to paint the red version. I perfered the "Melting Godzilla" look.

Assembling this kit was quite a challenge. I didn't want to pin the arms and tail to the body for fear the pins would be shown. I went with a quick drying epoxy and roughed up the areas to be glued with sandpaper to get a strong bond. The toughest areas were the jaw and the spines with each spine needing to be glued on which was time consuming, but the end result was well worth it. I used a simple red marker to touch up areas.

The model stands just under 9" inches. The kit is very detailed and I love the dynamic pose. Since it's made of resin, the model is a bit heavy and always have fears of the tail or the spines breaking, though repairing would not be difficult. Personally, this one of the best representions of the Burning Godzilla and is in par with Yuji Sakai's great work.

Pao has produced a number of kits. Ones that I look out for is the Pao Flying King Ghidorah 91 and Pao Flying Adult Destroyah. Several Pao Gamera kits are also available. While I tend to see the Pao Gamera kits available, the Godzilla kits tend to be rarer. While these kits (espcially the Godzilla kits) are pricey, if you have the cash and the model skills, these kits are worth looking out for.

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