The Complete Mothra Trilogy Bandai vinyl list

Mothra 98

"Mothra 2" was reported to doing as well as "Mothra 96" did in the box office. This time, Toho spent very little on promotion and advertising "Mothra 2" resulting in Toho saving money releasing the film. For "Mothra 3" Toho reinvents Mothra once more and brings back one of Toho's most popular kaiju.

Armored Mothra

Armored Mothra is a new mold and can be transformed to Rainbow Mothra. Two pairs of wings are included in the box, as well as removable armor. The wings can flap as the previous Mothra figures, but the mechanism is a bit harder to squeeze this time. A hard plastic Prehistoric Mothra Larva is also included. Armored Mothra was released in a window box and the Toho License sticker is the Marvel Comics Godzilla and is gold.

Super Dragon King Ghidorah

In a smart move by Toho, King Ghidorah returns to battle Mothra and what a return it was. Many fans felt this was the King Ghidorah Godzilla should've fought. Bandai also produced what is possibly the most popular King Ghidorah vinyl figure ever released. Super Dragon King Ghidorah stands an impressive 12in' tall, 17in' wingspand, and about 20in' long. The figure was released in a box and needed the wings and tail to be assembled. The Toho License sticker is the same as above. There is a bootleg version of this figure that is easy to recognize for the figure is not painted gold.

Theater Exclusuive Rainbow Mothra, Toho Kaiju Series Rainbow Mothra, & Cretaceous King Ghidorah

Bandai also produced 6in' versions of Rainbow Mothra and Cretaceous King Ghidorah as part of the Toho Kaiju Series. The 6in Rainbow Mothra mold was also used for the Mothra Trilogy first and only Theater Exclusive Mothra figure. Please refer to the 6 Inch Series from the "Complete Bandai Godzilla List" for more pictures and information of these figures.

While I don't know how "Mothra 3" faired in the Box Office, Toho decided to return to the Godzilla series the following year. While it's doubtful Mothra will ever return with its own films, Mothra's popularity was big enough to be paired with Godzilla for the future films "Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, All Monsters Attack", Godzilla, Mothra, MechaGodzilla, Tokyo S.O.S.", and Godzilla, Final Wars". As of this writing, Bandai has never reissued any of the Standard Mothra Trilogy figures. Only the 6in Rainbow Mothra has ever been reissued. This concludes "The Complete Bandai Mothra Trilogy List".

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