The Complete Mothra Trilogy Bandai vinyl list

Mothra 97

Toho released "Mothra 2" despite "Mothra 96" failing at the box office. Bandai committed to producing vinyl toys based from the film, but it would turn to be a disappointing effort on Bandai's part.

Rainbow Mothra

Bandai re-released the New Mothra Adult 96 with updated colors for the wings. Rainbow Mothra requires the same assembly as last years version and can flap its wings when pressing the backside of the figure as well. The Toho license sticker pictures the Marvel Comics Godzilla and is gold. The box lists the toy as Mothra 1998, but the film was released at the end of 1997.

Aqua Mothra

Bandai also released "Aqua Mothra". The legs need to be assembled to the figure, but the wings do not flap. The Toho license sticker is the same as above. Aqua Mothra is possibly the highest valued Mothra figure made for the Mothra Trilogy.

Ranking as one of the biggest disappointments ever in our hobby, Bandai, for unknown reasons, did not produce a standard figure of Mothra's opponent Dagarah. One of the most unique and impressive monsters ever created for the Toho kaiju lineup. It's speculated that Death Ghidorah was not a good seller for Bandai and didn't want to risk producing what might be another unpopular monster. It didn't help that model company Kaiyodo, known for producing kaiju models based from every new Toho film, elected not to produce any kaiju models from "Mothra 2". Dagarah did get released by Bandai as part of a playset.

Mothra 2 Playset figures

The Mothra 2 playset consist of Aqua Mothra, Dagarah, and finger puppets of Garu Garu, Fairy Mothra, and GoGo. Aqua Mothra is made of plastic and almost mirrors the standard version. Dagarah is made of vinyl and is nicely detailed. Unfortunately, Dagarah is slightly underscale when compared to the six inch series. To this day, no toy company has produced a standard size Dagarah figure.

Closeup of Dagarah from Mothra 2 Playset

Bandai did not produce any DX-Battery Operated figures for "Mothra 2" and for the second year in a row, no Theater Exclusive figure was released.

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