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Mothra 96
Mothra 97
Mothra 98

1995 saw Toho put a temporay end to the Godzilla series by killing off Godzilla during the film "Godzilla vs. Destroyah". As a result, Toho decided to put the focus on Mothra by producing a trilogy of films. Mothra would be reinvented with new alternate storylines, new looks, and new kaiju to battle. Toho launched a huge media campaign to promote "Mothra 96" with the new Bandai toys not far behind.

Mothra Adult 96

Mothra Adult 96 is a near exact reproduction of the Mothra Adult 92. This time, the body is made of vinyl and not fuzzy like the 92' version. The legs need to be assemble in the same manner as the 92' version, but this time, no stand is included and naturally, no Cosmos card. Intersting, the Toho license sticker pictures the Marvel Comics Godzilla and is gold. The sticker is found on the front of the box.

Mothra Larva 96

The new Mothra Larva 96 is a new mold and accurately repesents the kaiju featured in the film. The tag pictures the actual prop and is a single card with the usual information found on the back. The Toho license sticker is the same as above, but in silver.

There appears to be a Lottery Exclusive Mothra Larva 96 done in clear vinyl with brown highlights. The figure was a lottery item from a childrens magazine which had to be won. I have no information what the figure was limited to.

New Mothra Adult 96

The new Mothra Adult 96 is a creative new design with new colors, a smaller size, and a new inventive twist. The wings have a mechanism when you press the backside, the wings will flap. The legs need to be assembled to the body. No stand is included. The figure comes in a window box and the Toho license sticker pictures the Marvel Comics Godzilla and is gold.

Death Ghidorah

Mothra's newest foe, a reinvented version of King Ghidorah named Death Ghidorah, was very impressive in the film giving both Mothra Adult and Larva all they can handle. Bandai also made an impressive vinyl representaion of the kaiju. Sold in a box with the wings and tail needing to be assembled. The Toho license sticker is the same as above. The Death Ghidorah figure is possibly the highest valued Bandai figure made for the Mothra Trilogy.

DX Mothra Larva 96

Bandai also produced a DX-Battery Operated Mothra Larva 96. When turned on, a wheel on the underside of the figure moves the toy forward and the head lifts up and down as well. Sold in a box and the Toho license sticker is the same as above. There is a known Bootleg of the DX Mothra Larva 96 that functions the same, but the figure is colored green.

Bandai did not produce a Theater Exclusive figure for Mothra 96 despite releasing the Theater Exclusive Plasma Gamera for Gamera 2, Advent of Legion earlier in 1996.

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