MegaHouse Godzilla and Gamera Artworks Collection

The Godzilla Collection Series 2

MegaHouse also produced paint variants of the Godzilla Collection Series 2, much in the same manner as last years Series 1, but this time all the dioramas have the statue like features.

It has also been discovered that there are black and white highlighted versions of Godzilla 55 and Angilas. The bags are marked S1 and S2 indicating special versions. None have surfaced for the Mysterian's Mougera and Yog Monsters, but since Godzilla 55 and Angilas were in a Black and White film, which I suspect is what the special versions represent, I doubt the other two figure will receive such treatment.

Paint variants of Godzilla Collection Series 2

Mysterian's Mougera

The Yog Monsters, Gezora, Ganime, and Kameba

Godzilla 55

Angilas 55

Godzilla 55 vs. Angilas

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