MegaHouse Godzilla and Gamera Artworks Collection

Table of Contents

The Gamera Collection
The Godzilla Collection Series 1
The Godzilla Collection Series 1 continued
The Godzilla Collection Series 2
The Godzilla Collection Series 2 contiued

The Gamera Collection

What is becoming another popular line of kaiju collectables is the MegaHouse Artworks Collection Series of diorama figures based on the popular artwork of Yuji Kaida. MegaHouse produced a Gamera Diorama set in 2006 that focused on Master Kaida's artwork from the films "Gamera, The Guardian of the Universe" and "Gamera 2, Advent of Legion". The dioramas for this set and futures sets require assembly and are very detailed. Sold in a display box that holds one painted set of four dioramas and one paint variant set assures a box will give you a complete set of both paint variantions. Each diorama are placed in individual boxes and with no indication which diorama you are getting. The paint variant for this set is a solid ivory color.

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