Lost Treasures

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By Jean Carbajal

Bullmark Giant King Ghidrah
Amada Widecollection Limited Gold Godzila card
Godzila vs. Destroyah Subway Theater Poster
Bandai Forever Series Glitter Godzila
Bandai Exclusive Pearl Godzila

By Josh Foutch

Bullmark Tin Gigan

Have you ever came across something you did not expect to see? Did you ever score on a great deal? Do you have a great story on something you went through so much trouble to get, yet it was so worth it? During my years of collecting Godzilla, I come across many finds and deals that just make great stories. I thought it would be cool to share those stories and set up a page called "Lost Treasures".

If you have a great story to share, e-mail me an article with pictures to vinylmaddness@aol.com

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