Finding Treasure
Godzilla vs. Destroyah Subway Theater Poster

Sometimes you can find a great deal, but end up putting more money into it to get that real nice presentation. Examples are commission for building a model, a painting, a display case, or even framing a poster.

Posters are very popular with collectors and look best when they are framed and displayed. The Godzilla theater posters are truly great for not only live shots, but great artwork. Collecting posters is a tough hobby because posters are tough to find in mint condition and there's a lot of reproductions out there. so you really need to know your posters and have the resources to get them.

I've picked up a few posters during my years of collecting, but the one I really wanted was the Godzilla vs. Destroyah theater poster. I wanted the live shot over the artwork poster because the Burning Godzilla just looks great with Destroyah's large head in the background. I also perfered the 2 sheet posters over the one sheet, making this poster tough to find. Times when I did come across the poster, it was not in the best condition and was well over a hundred dollars.

I found a dealer I had known personally put up a Godzilla vs. Destroyah Subway poster on eBay. This was a 3 sheet poster and was placed in subways to advertise the film. The starting bid was $75. I knew the dealer, so I knew the poster was real and I had a chance to pay less than I would on a 2 sheet. I knew exactly where to display the poster if I won it, so I placed a bid.

I wound up winning the poster with no one else bidding on it which I thought was a big score. Unfortunately, the seller I knew wasn't in charge of the auction and someone else dragged their feet, taking much longer to send out my poster. Probably a minor horror story when using eBay. I did, eventually, get my poster

The poster was folded and secured in a plastic sleeve. As I removed the poster and began to open it. I was shocked to realize how big this poster really was. It was larger than a full size bed. I was worried I bite off more than I can chew with this poster. I had figured this poster would partially cover the window in my Godzilla room, but it turned out, it's going to cover the whole window. Taking up more space than expectant.

I became more determine to get this poster displayed and took it to a framing place called "Lincos" that has done work for me in the past. When I got there I met Steve, who is the owner, for the first time. He knew me because he had framed my other Godzilla posters I had brought in. I showed him the Subway poster and while I wasn't concerned he couldn't frame it, but that I would need him to deliver the poster to my home since there was no way it would fit in my car once it was framed. Lucky, Steve had an Explorer and after some measurements, felt he can deliver it for me, at a extra charge of course. The deal was done and it would be 2 weeks to have my poster ready.

Unfortunately, 2 weeks became longer and I had heard no word. I was able to find out that Steve needed to order a type of transparent plastic, because using glass would make the poster too heavy and the order was taking a while. I was assured once he got the material, he would get the poster done quickly.

Soon after, I got the call the poster was ready and went to Lincos to take a look at it. When I saw it, I was very pleased. The poster looked amazing. I paid extra for additional support to hang the poster. The poster frame was very solid. I couldn't wait to get it home. I helped load the poster into the Explorer and Steve followed me home.

It turned out to be a smart move to have it delivered. The poster was still heavy and Steve was kind enough to help me get it into the house and helped hang the poster up. During the time the poster was being framed, I built a support in the window frame which was another good move. Once the poster was up, it looked amazing. I was greatful for Steve's help.

The whole process turned out to be a huge job that I didn't expect and a expensive one at that. While I made a great deal on getting the poster for $75, I spent just over $300 on framing and delivery. It was worth it. It's easily the largest item in my collection. Friends that have seen my Godzilla room for the first time tell me the first thing they see is that poster. It was time and money well spent.

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