Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 6 Part Seven


Essence of lights spray from the cocoon and form the new Mothra

Lights spill out of Mothras cocoon

The lights begin to take shape

Mothra is reborn

Godzilla continues to battle Hedorah. Exchanging rays and grappling while trying to gain the upper hand.

Godzilla fires its ray at Hedorah

Godzillas ray has no effect on Hedorah

Hedorah strikes Godzilla with its own ray

Hedorah dives on Godzilla

Mothras wings take shape and lifts off as Torema smiles

Mothras wings form

Mothra lifts off

Torema smiles as she feels the wind from Mothras wings

Mothra flys into battle firing its rays at Hedorah.

The new Mothra joins the battle

Mothra fires its rays

Hedorah is hit

Hedorah releases Godzilla. The King of the Monsters joins Mothra in a ray attack against Hedorah.

Godzilla fires its ray at Hedorah

Hedorah is staggered by the attack

Godzilla and Mothra continue to blast Hedorah

Zagras gloats Godzilla and Mothra have no chance against Hedorah, when she realizes something is wrong.

Zagres is confident

Zagres find something going terribly wrong

Lukas informs Hedorah is starting to dehydrate as Godzilla and Mothra continue to fire their rays.

Hedorah continues to be bombarded by rays.

Godzilla continues to fire its ray

Mothra unleashes more powerful rays from its wings

Mothra fires more rays on Hedorah

Hedorah feels the effects of the rays and begins to dehydrate

Hedorah has been dehydrated and made solid

Zagres realizes defeat as Godzilla fires its ray one last time at Hedorah.

Zagres realizes Hedorah has been defeated

Hedorah explodes when hit by Godzillas ray.

All that's left of Hedorah

Godzilla marches forward

Godzilla finishes off what's left of Hedorah.

The General shouts in victory as Torema congratulates Mothra, yet Torema feels sadness as she looks towards the volcano.

The new Mothra flys to Torema

Torema congratulates Mothra

Torema looks to the volcano

Mothras spirit appears above the volcano and bids farwell to Torema and the new Mothra.

The volcano

Mothras spirit appears

Torema is stunned by the vision

Mothra bids farewell

The new Mothra replies as Torema simply says "Goodbye".

The new Mothra bids farewell

The End.

The Bandai New Mothra 96 was used and while the unfolding of the wings were done well, the toys still looked like a toy and didn't looks as good has the original Mothra. The ray attack was very impressive, but have no idea what that ball was in Hedorahs remains. This episode was one of the best and it was nice to see Mothra in such a battle with another monster never fought before.

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