Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 6 Part Six


Lukas informs Mothra has gone to the cocoon stage as the General turns to the Command Centers Big Screen.

Lukas and the General

Mothra Larva has formed a cocoon

The General asked Lukas "where's Torema?" Lukas informs Torema is watching over Mothra.

With a view of the smoking volcano in the distance, Torema speaks to Mothra and vows not to leave its side.

The site of Mothras last battle

Torema sits with Mothra

Torema vows she won't let Zagres hurt Mothra. Suddenly, Torema is startled when the volcano erupts.

Torema turns as she hears the volcano erupt.

The volcano erupts

Hedorah emerges

Torema is stunned to see Hedorah survived.

Zagres watches from her ship and laughs as Hedorah could not be defeated so easily.

Torema is stunned to see Hedorah

Zagres is confident Hedorah will finish the job.

Hedorah heads to Mothras cocoon. Torema pleads Hedorah is coming and vows to Mothra she will not leave its side.

Hedorah marches to the cocoon

Torema warns Hedorah is coming.

Torema continues to plead her warnings to Mothra when she suddenly feels Hedorah approaching.

Hedorah right behind Torema

Torema stays and protects Mothra

Hedorah is about to strike when Hedorah is blindsided, causing the Smog Monster to crash to the ground.

Hedorah is blindsided

Hedorah goes down

Torema turns to see what saved her and Mothra.



Torema yells out "Godzilla". Hedorah rises and charges the King of the Monsters

Hedorah rises

Godzilla and Hedorah clash

Torema pleads with Mothra to help as Godzilla fights Hedorah in the background

Torema pleads to Mothra to help Godzilla

Torema yells at Mothra when there is no response

Mothras cocoon begins to glow

Torema stops and watches

Mothras cocoon glows brighter

The glow refelcts off Torema as Mothra is about to emerge.

To be Continued.

Toremas scenes where very heart felt as she converse and stands by Mothra. Hedorahs return was very dramatic as Torema continues to play a big part in the story. Godzilla entrance is big as Godzilla's familiar "March" is played during Godzillas battle with Hedorah and as Torema urges Mothra to help. What will we see when Mothra finally emerges.

Episode 6 Part Seven.

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