Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 6 Part Five


Mothra Larva cries for help

Mothra Larva is not match for Hedorah

Hedorah closes in on Mothra when it is attacked from behind. Hedorah turns and faces its attacker

Hedorah is attacked


Godzilla has recovered from the effects of the acid rain and fires its ray at Hedorah.

Hedorah is hit by Godzillas ray

Hedorah still stands

Mothra Larva checks on the Adult as Hedorah fires its rays at Godzilla

Mothra Larva checks on the Adult

Hedorah fires on Godzilla

Godzilla is hit

Godzilla goes down

Hedorah turns its attention back on the Mothras. Torema tries to fly by Hedorah in her ship to distract the Smog Monster, but still attacks the Larva with its rays.

Hedorah goes after the Mothras

Torema flies by Hedorah

Hedorah fires its rays at Mothra

Mothra Larva is hit and thrown back

Hedorah ignores the Adult and goes after Mothra Larva

Hedorah passes the defeated Adult

Hedorah chases after Mothra Larva

Mothra Adult uses what strengh it has left to engage Hedorah one last time

Mothra takes flight

Mothra takes Hedorah from behind

Mothra lifts off with Hedorah

Mothra slowly takes Hedorah to a nearby volcano as Torema follows in her ship.

Mothra heads to the volcano

Mothra reaches the volcano and drops Hedorah in

Mothra and Hedorah over the volcano

Hedorah is let go and falls into the lava

Mothra is weaken and begins to drop into the volcano as Torema screams for Mothra to make it out.

Mothra slowly drops into the volcano

Mothra uses its last bit of strenght to make it out.

Torema and Mothra Larva scream in horror as the volcano claims Mothra

To be Continued.

Mothras death is very dramatic as music from "Mothra 2" is played from Mothras last lift off to the end. The volcano eruption was sudden and initially appeared Mothra would make it out of the volcano. This section was all action with very little screen time for the actors. No gloating from Zagres this time. What's left now that Mothra is gone

Episode 6 Part Six.

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