Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 6 Part Four


Hedorah marches forward

Zagres gloats that the monsters are no match for Hedorah. Torema is confident Godzilla will defeat Hedorah

Zagres is confident

Torema on Zagres ships screen

The monsters are still feeling the effects of the acid rain.

The General urges Godzilla to fight

Godzilla is still down from the acid rain

Lukas warns Hedorah is heading towards Mothras cave

Hedorah on the move

Hedorah outside Mothras cave

Torema tries to warn Mothra and attacks Hedorah in her ship

Torema warns Mothra Hedorah is coming

Torema fires on Hedorah

Toremas weapons have no effect

Mothra Adult has no choice but to protect the Larva and flys out to battle Hedorah.

Mothra lifts off

Mothra leaves the cave

Mothra meets Hedorah and fires its rays at the Smog Monster

Hedorah confronts Mothra

Mothra faces Hedorah and attacks with its rays.

Hedorah is hit by Mothras attack

Mothras attack has no effect. Hedorah unleashes poison gas on Mothra

Hedorah attacks

Mothra feels the effects of the gas

Hedorah fires its ray at Mothra

Mothra is hit by Hedorahs ray

Mothra goes down

Mothra Larva leaves the cave to see Mothra Adult go down. Hedorah moves in for the kill.

Mothra Larva leaves the cave

To be Continued.

Hedorah has its familiar roar and is quite flexable, yet has no leg movements. Wires can be seen when Mothra flies. The ray attacks for Mothra and Hedorah are done quite well. Mothra appears no match for Hedorah.

Episode 6 Part Five.

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