Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 6 Part Three


Smoke from the explosion fills the skies of Godzilla Island

Smoke covers the skies of Godzilla Island

The Meteor reveals familiar eyes and releases a poisonous gas

Poisonous gas is released by the Meteor

The posionous gas begins to cover Godzilla Island as the monsters watch.

The poison gas begins to cover Godzilla Island

Godzilla and Rodan

Baragon, Gorosaurus, and Angilas

The General orders Godzilla to stop the Meteor. Godzilla charges as the posionous smoke hits the King of the Monsters. Godzilla drops, as do all the monsters.

Godzilla covered in poison gas

Acid rain begins to fall. Covering the monsters.

Acid rain falls from the skies

Godzilla and Rodan are drenched in acid rain

Torema feels helpless and knells down. She looks over and sees the mysterious device under the Generals desk

Torema glances over to the Generals desk

Torema sees the mysterious device

Zagres ship, away from the posionous cloud

Zagres listens in on the communicator she placed under the Generals desk. The General orders Torema to initiate the plan to remove the cloud.

Zagres is ease dropping

Zagres overhears the General ordering Torema to remove the cloud.

Zagres sees Torema fly out in her ship to engage the cloud. Zagres vows to stop her.

Zagres sees Toremas ship on her screen

Torema engages the cloud

Zagres attacks Torema

Torema heads into the cloud with Zagres in pursuit

The ship warns Zagres of danger of the cloud and automaticly disperse the cloud against Zagres wishes.

Zagres ship disperse the cloud

The skies begin to clear

Zagres ship is in clear skies

Zagres is upset when she receives a message on her screen.

Zagres checks her message

Torema call Zagres stupid and makes faces at her

Zagres is furious

Zagres vows she is not defeated yet and begins the next phase of her plan.

The Meteor begins to take shape.

To be Continued.

Very little monster action at this point. The next part gets very good.

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