Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 6 Part Two


Torema is suspicious of the server and tells the General not to eat as she goes after the server.

Torema warns the General not to eat the food

Torema is outside the Command Center with her gun drawn searching for the server.

Torema searches for the server

Torema hears chanting and turns to find the server sitting with a crystal ball

Torema has found the server

The server chants to the crystal ball

As the Server chants, the meteor begins to glow

The Meteor begins to glow

Torema recognizes the collar around the servers neck and orders her to stop

Torema sees the collar on the server

Torema points the gun ordering the server to stop

The server chants more causing the crystal ball to glow

The crystal ball starts to glow during the servers chants

Torema demands to know what the server has done when a sudden explosion distracts Torema. The server then reveals herself.

A sudden explosion

The Server identity is revealed

Zagres throws the hood off her and Torema shoot her gun, but Zagres teleports to avoid the shot.

Zagres teleports to avoid the gunfire

Zagres reappears behind Torema

Zagres reveals her new monster cannot be stopped and Torema can't do anything about it. Zagres teleports escaping once again

Torema again points her gun at Zagres

Zagres is confident victory is finally hers

Zagres escapes

The water facility explodes as all the monsters feel the impact.

The water facility explodes

Godzilla and all the monsters feel the impact of the explosion

Torema can see the water facilty explode and worries what's going to happen

Torema see the explosion from a distance.

To be Continued.

What is the mystery behind the meteor and will Zagres finally take over Godzilla Island?

Episode 6 Part Three.

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