Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 6 Part One


Overhead view of Godzilla Island

A nearby volcano

The view outside Mothras cave

Mothra & Mothra Larva

Deep in Mothras cave, the adult converse with the Larva.

Mothra Larva

The General, Torema, and Lukas watch the conversation on the Command Centers big screen.

Mothra Adult and Larva on the big screen

The General, Torema, and Lukas watch

Lukas translates that the adult is dying and does not have long to live. The news upsets Torema and leaves the Command Room.

Torema is upset about Mothra Adult.

Torema outside the Command Center.

The General joins Torema outside the Command Center and encourges her to be strong.

The General tries to comfort Torema

Suddenly, a Meteor comes from nowhere and heads towards Godzilla Island.

The Meteor

Godzilla and Rodan observe the Meteor

The General and Torema return the the Command Room

The Meteor heads towards Godzilla Island

Everyone feels the effects of the Meteor crashing on Godzilla Island

Godzilla & Rodan feel the impact of the Meteor

The General, Torema, and Lukas veiw the crashed Meteor on the Command Centers big screen. The General is thankful the Meteor didn't crash into a nearby water facility.

The Meteor on the Command Centers big screen

The nearby Water Facility

The General and Torema are concerned about the Meteor

The General and Torema observe the Meteor on the big screen

A bell rings and a server brings lunch to the General. The server places a device under the Generals desk. There's something suspicious about the server.

Lunch arrives for the General

The General is served

A mysterious device is placed under the Generals desk

To be Continued.

Episode 6 has Thirteen chapters for a total time of over 20 minutes, Not a orignal story, but if you're a Mothra fan, you'll enjoy this episode

At the end of each episode, a trailer of "Mothra 2" was shown to promote Mothras latest film.

Episode 6 Part Two.

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