Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 5


Zagres ship

Zagres is reading her local paper and is getting upset on the reports of her failures.

Zagres is reading her local paper.

Zagres is about to lose her mind when she hears a strange noise.

Zagres hears a strange noise

Zagres looks down and is shocked to see a cockroach crawl into view.

The Cockroach

Zagres is startled by the Cockroach

Zagres rolls up the paper and is ready to smash the cockroach

Zagres rolls the paper.

Zagres is about to smash the cockroach

The Cockroach begs Zagres not to hit it with the paper.

Zagres pauses in striking the cockroach

Zagres is shocked the cockroach can talk

Zagres asks the cockroach where it came from. The cockroach reveals it's an alien from Nebula M Spacehunter and shows Zagres its ship.

The M Aliens Ship on Zagres screen

Closeup of the M Aliens Ship

Zagres asks what the cockroach wants? The M Alien says it's here to help Zagres conquer Godzilla Island.

Zagres listens to the M Aliens plan

Zagres asks how they can conquer Godzilla Island and the M Alien introduces Gigan.

Gigan appears

Closeups of Gigan

Zagres is impressed as she and the M Alien laughs as Gigan heads to Earth

To Be Continued.

Episode 5 has 13 chapters with a running time of under 21 minutes. This episode is going to have alot of face closeups. The opening is great with Zagres reading the X newspaper and her conversation with the cockroach. The cockroach does crawl into view and moves a bit when talks. It appears a wire is used to bring the cockroach to life. The standard Bandai Gigan is used and I was very surprised to see paint rubs on Gigans claw. Episode 5 is one of my favorites.

Episode 5 Part Two.

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