Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 4

Godzilla Junior

All the monsters are hanging out together as Torema and Lukas look on.


Rodan, Mothra Larva, Gorosaurus, & King Seesar

with Angilas, Baragon, & Godzilla.

Torema and Lukas watch the monsters

As Torema and Lukas talk, Torema hears something in the bushes. Torema reacts, pointing her gun expecting to be attacked.

Torema is ready to fight.

Out of the bushes, a Godzilla Junior pops its head up.

Godzilla Junior comes from behind the bushes

Torema is surprised to see a Godzilla Junior and lowers her gun. Junior sees the gun and gets frighten and runs off. Torema calls out to Junior, but Lukas warns her Godzilla lets nothing come close to Junior. Torema sees the General and asks why she wasn't told about Junior? The General warns that Junior has to stay hidden, that if anyone found out about Junior, the kaiju could be in danger. Torema leaves and searches for Junior. She finds Junior and the kaiju is curious about her.

Torema finds Junior

Zagres ship

Zagres is plotting a new plan and sends Megalon to search Godzilla Island to find something she can use.

Zagres plots her next plan

Megalon is summoned

Torema and Junior overlook the ocean

Torema becomes friends with Junior and lets the kaiju know she will protect it. They sit together as the sun sets.

Torema talks to Junior

Godzilla comes and calls Junior. Torema waves "bye" as Junior leaves with Godzilla.

Godzilla calls for Junior

Torema waves bye to Junior

As Godzilla and Junior walk away, Megalon learns the secret Zagres is looking for.

Megalon learns of Godzilla Junior

Zagres is surpised to learn Godzilla has son and will fit perfectly in her new plan

Zagres views Godzilla Junior on her screen

Godzilla Junior on Zagres screen

Zagres has a plan

Junior is walking alone on the Island when suddenly, a net is thrown over the young kaiju.

Junior is alone

Junior is captured

Megalon rises up and takes off with its prize to a nearby Island.


Junior is taken to a nearby Island

Junior is placed in a cage as Megalon stands guard.

Godzilla Junior is a prisoner

Zagres is pleased Godzilla Junior is captured. Now for the next part of her plan to go into effect.

To be Continued.

Episode 4 has Thirteen chapters for a total time of over 20 minutes. The first thing is Godzilla Junior looks terrible with its puppy dog eyes and at times, whimpers like a puppy. Close up shots of Junior are hard to watch. This was the first episode where Mothra adult and Mothra Larva are seen together. There was also a change in the opening credits as a new picture of Torema and Zagres is used.

New picture of Zagres and Torema in Opening Credits.

There was alot of dialogue between Torema and Lukas in the opening sequence which I couldn't make out. There was several forrest backgounds used when Torema searched for Junior. Torema had a long conversation with Junior as well which I couldn't make out. Episode 4 promises to be the most action packed as the rescue for Junior begins in Part 2.

Episode 4 Part Two

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