Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 3

Godzilla Attacks

Godzilla Junior on Toremas Planet.

Godzilla Junior looks down at Torema, who is pointing a weapon. Torema looks down as she fires the weapon at Godzilla Junior.

Torema points the weapon at Godzilla Junior and fires.

Torema wakes up sweating. She was having a bad dream, or was it a dream.

Torema wakes from a bad dream.

As Torema catches her breath, Lukas sounds an alert for Torema to come to the Command Center.

On the big screen, Godzilla is walking through Tokyo destroying everthing in its path. Torema reaches the control room and asks what is happening. Torema is convinced Zagres has something to do with it, but the General is not sure.

Torema asks the General what's going on?

Godzilla has left Tokyo and is seen rising out of the ocean. The General commands the Super X to bring Godzilla back to the Island. The General orders that Godzilla is going to have to be confined to the Island.

Godzilla confined to its cave.

Godzilla is placed in its cave secured by handcuffs.

Godzilla in handcuffs.

The General orders Godzilla to remain secured in its cave. Torema asks if this is necessary? The General replies "Yes".

The General orders Godzilla to remain in its cave as Lukas and Torema look on.

The bars go down on the entrance of the cave and Godzilla is now a prisoner.

The bars go down on Godzilla.

Godzilla is a prisoner.

Suddenly, the alarm goes off and Lukas warns two objects are flying towards Godzilla Island.

Megalon and Battra head to Godzilla Island.

The General orders MechaGodzilla and Mogera into battle and commands Torema to assist. Rodan and Mothra join in the battle.

MechaGodzilla, Mogera, Rodan, and Mothra fly into battle.

Rodan and Megalon attack each other.

Megalon and Rodan battle.

Mothra and Battra fly at each other.

Mothra flying.

MechaGodzilla flies into position and fires its eye beams, hitting Battra.

MechaGodzilla fires its eye beams.

Battra is hit.

Mogera fires its eye beams at Megalon, who is still battling Rodan.

Mogera fires its eye beams.

Megalon is hit.

Torema enters the scene in her ship and fires at Battra, who is battling Mothra.

Torema flies in to assist.

Battra is hit.

Zagres watches from her ship, sees Torema has entered the battle. Zagres orders Megalon and Battra to retreat.

Zagres orders the monsters to retreat.

Megalon and Battra fly away.

The General is pleased with the victory. Torema returns informing the General Rodan and Mothra need medical treatment from the battle.

Torema and the General observe the big screen.

Rodan and Mothra on the big screen awaiting medical attention.

The alarm suddenly goes off and Lukas informs Godzilla has broken free and left the Island.

To be Continued.

Episode 3 has 8 chapters for a run time of under 11 minutes. The scenes of Godzilla in Tokyo was footage from "Godzilla 84". Though the General orders Super X to get Godzilla, the Super X is never seen. When Godzilla rises from the ocean, footage from "Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster" is used, minus the whales that were ahead of Godzilla. It was funny to see Godzilla imprisoned and was done well.

Other monsters were showcased this time around. Megalons atteneas and Battras wings were redone. Mothra Adult makes its first appearence and may even be the Bandai 96 version.

The actors were more low key this time around. A mini trial on Godzillas attack on Tokyo was done, but translation was lost here and there. Torema's past still haunts her.

Episode 3 Part Two.

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