Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 2 Part One

King Ghidorah

Godzilla and Mothra Larva on the Command Center Big Screen

It's a beautiful day on Godzilla Island as all the monster are getting along while the General looks on as he enjoys his coffee.

The General watches the monsters

Torema joins the General when suddenly the room shakes and a disturbance is felt

The General and Torema feel a disturbance

Gorosaurus and King Seesar are fighting as Angilas and Baragon face off.

King Seesar vs. Gorosaurus

Angilas and Baragon faceoff

Godzilla fires its ray at a flying Rodan, barely missing.

Godzilla fires its ray at Rodan

Rodan avoids Godzilla's ray

Lukas, The General and Torema watch the battle on the Big screen

The General and Torema are concerned as to why the monsters are suddenly fighting? Lukas informs that if the monsters don't stop fighting, they will need to seperated and put down. Torema is upset and vows to find the cause of why the monsters are fighting and put a stop to it. Torema leaves for her ship and takes off.

Torema leaves the Command Center in her ship.

Zagres ship.

Zagres is pleased all is going as planned and now is the time for the next part of her plan.

Zagres is pleased her plan is going as expectant.

King Ghidorah is on its way to Godzilla Island.

The monsters continue to fight as the General and Lukas watch on the Command Center's Big Screen. Mothra Larva tries to convince Godzilla and Rodan to stop fighting, but they can't help themselves. Lukas gives the alert that King Ghidorah is coming. King Ghidorah attacks the Command center using its gravity rays.

King Ghidorah arrives on Godzilla Island.

Zagres is overjoyed.

Zagres is pleased her plan is going off to perfection when suddenly, an alert goes off and Zagres is forced to leave the ship to find the cause for alarm.

Zagres observes the tower.

Zagres teleports to a secluded area on Godzilla Island and observes a suspicious tower. Zagres sees nothing wrong, but then is startled as a ray fires right past her.

Zagres faces her attacker.

Torema points her gun at Zagres.

Torema found that the tower is causing the monsters to fight and warns Zagres to surrender. Zagres takes her sword in hand and runs into the forrest. Torema chases her. Zagres comes up behind Torema. As Torema turns around and points her gun, Zagres knocks the gun out of Torema's hands with her sword. Zagres takes a swing of her sword at a unarmed Torema, but Torema evades the attack and kicks Zagres to the ground. Torema pulls out her katanas and again tells Zagres to surrender.

Torema faces off against Zagres.

Zagres refuses to surrender and Torema charges Zagres to a battle to the death.

Torema and Zagres battle.

Torema can barely hold off Zagres attack.

Zagres kicks Torema to the ground and is controlling the battle. Torema rises and continues to battle. Zagres is able to grab Torema's wrist, but Torema is able to block Zagres swing of her sword. As the two seperate, Zagres spits a green venom at Torema that drops her to the ground.

Torema is poisoned by Zagres.

Torema is poisoned and her vision is blured as Zagres gloats she has won. Zagres raises her sword to finish Torema.

To be Continued.

Episode 2 has Thirteen chapters for a total time of over 20 minutes, easily making this episode the longest of the two. While the opening scene of the monsters is the same as Episode 1, the monsters (other than Godzilla) are more a part of the story this time and do appear more frequently in other episodes. Actual film footage from "Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster" was used for Godzillas battle with Rodan, Mothra Larva conversing with Godzilla and Rodan, and King Ghidrah flying and firing its gravity beams. The toys used are clearly Bandai figures. King Ghidorah appears to be remolded to a rubber material as the figure has flexability. The wings on the toy never flap.

Zagres and Torema have a beefy role as they engage in a physical battle of sword swinging as both combatants are knocked to the ground at times. Zagres venom attack was animated but intent and vicious dispite Zagres appearing to have an upper hand in the battle at that time. It was surprising to see that a fight like this would happen this early in the series, but it was well done.

Episode 2 Part Two.

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