Godzilla Island Television Series

Episode 1


UFO approaches Earth

In space, a mysterious UFO heads torwards Earth.

The kaiju of Godzilla Island

The focus then turns to Godzilla Island as the monsters enjoy their day and Godzilla is found sleeping in its cave.

The Command Center

we go to the Command Center where the General sits back in his chair and appears to be bored.

Lukas and the General

Lukas reports in that everything appears normal on Godzilla Island. The General yawns and stretches comfortably. Suddenly, the alarm goes off and Lukas warns Japan is under attack. As Lukas turns to the General, it finds the General fast asleep.

UFO attacks Japan

The General awakens and observes the UFO on the Command Centers big screen. It has become obvious the UFO is heading to Godzilla Island. Godzilla rises and senses the arrivial of the UFO.

UFO approaches Godzilla Island

As the UFO reached Godzilla Island, the General orders MechaGodzilla, Mogera, and Jet Jaguar to attack. All three Mecha lift off and join together to confront the UFO.

MechaGodzilla, Mogera, & Jet Jaguar attack the UFO

The UFO fires its rays and easily shoots down MechaGodzilla, Mogera, and Jet Jaguar.

MechaGodzilla, Mogera, & Jet Jaguar are shot down by the UFO

The General is angered by the defeat, but suddenly hears laughter as the enemy is revealed on the Command Centers big screen.

Zagres reveals herself

The enemy introduces herself as Zagres and has come to take over the Earth. The General vows to stop her, but Zagres is confident that nothing can stop her. An alarm suddenly sounds and a suprised Zagres identifies a small ship heading towards her.

Suprise attack on Zagres ship

Both the General and Godzilla look on wondering the ships intentions.

Godzilla looks on

Zagres recoqnize the ship approaching her and immediately attacks. The ship avoids the attack and fires its rays causing damage to Zagres ship.

Zagres ship takes damage

Zagres has no choice but to retreat as the General celebrates the victory. Then, the General hears a voice and the mysterious pilot suddenly teleports in the Command Center.

Torema appears

The Pilot introduces herself as Torema and says she's here to help. The General is happy to see her and gives her mop and shows her where to start cleaning. Torema drops the mop and yells she's here to stop Zagres. Torema begins to walk away as Godzilla roars. Torema reveals she has a psychic link to the monsters and Godzilla warns "SpaceGodzilla is coming".

SpaceGodzilla arrives on Godzilla Island

SpaceGodzilla lands on Godzilla Island as Godzilla roars to confront the space monster.

Godzilla calls out SpaceGodzilla

Tomera informs the General Godzilla will fight SpaceGodzilla, but SpaceGodzilla has reached the Command Center and attacks.

SpaceGodzilla attacks the Command Center

SpaceGodzilla fires its ray and shakens the Command Center.

SpaceGodzilla fires its ray

Zagres is pleased and announces the victory will soon be hers. The General is on his hand and knees claiming his back is injured and needs help. Torema respones by kicking the General in the back. The General rises off the floor angry, but realizes his back is better. Tomera waves "bye" and leave to go help Godzilla.

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla

Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla grapple, but both monsters are too strong to gain an advantage. Torema flies in with her ship and tells Godzilla to destroy SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals

Godzilla fires its ray

Godzilla fires its ray forcing SpaceGodzilla back as the ray moves torwards a shoulder crystal and shatters it.

SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystal is shattered by Godzilla's ray

Torema fires at SpaceGodzilla's second shoulder crystal and shatters it as well.

Torema shatters SpaceGodzilla's second shoulder crystal

Godzilla fires its ray again combinded with Torema ships ray cause SpaceGodzilla to explode. The General is pleased and congratulates Torema on her victory. Torema puts her hand out and expects to be paid. The General pulls out his wallet, but Torema takes the wallet, checks it, and leaves as the General chases after her.

UFO in space after SpaceGodzilla's defeat

Zagres is in space crying as a result of her defeat, but picks up her spirits vows she'll be back with a new plan to take over Godzilla Island and she laughs.

Zagres vows she'll be back

Episode 1 has 16 chapters for a run time of under 14 minutes. The screen time focused mostly on Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla with only one shot of the other monsters in the beginning of the episode. The Mecha robots have alittle more screen time as they are shown lifting off individually. Jet Jaguar is painted silver, but no doubt is the Bandai standard figure. It appears the Bandai PowerfulWalk Godzilla was used while a mold of the Bandai standard SpaceGodzilla was made to make the figure more flexable during the fight scenes. When SpaceGodzilla is shown in space, actual footage from "Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla" was shown of SpaceGodzilla in its flying crystal form. SpaceGodzilla doesn't fire its ray against Godzilla during the battle.

The actors take up the majority of the screen time. The General displays his authority, but shows a comic side as well. Torema is cocky and the General has little control of her, but she genuinely cares for the monsters and is always there to help and assist them. Zagres steals the show. She plays the true villian, at times overconfident, to crying in defeat, but always comes back with her evil laugh.

Episode 2.

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