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Godzilla collectors of the new Millenium have become fond and favor of Bandai's six inch Godzilla Movie Monster Series figures. Considered affordable with figures, that not only proven to be better representatives over the classic Standad Bandai series, but have produced monsters for the first time exclusively to the six inch line.

It's been over 10 years since the six inch line was first introduced, but not as the "Movie Monster Series" but as the "Godzilla Island Series". Many are aware toys are often produced to reflect characters appearing in a film. Bandai's Godzilla Island Series was based on a television show. The show first aired October 10, 1997 and had a two season run. The show had a very small cast, but featured Godzilla and several Toho kaiju. The trick was Classic Bandai Godzilla figures were used to bring the monsters to life. Episodes were broken down to just over two minute segments and about 15 segments to complete the episode, sort of a mini-mini series. Some of the stories shown can be regarded as "Brilliant" to some being "Dumb and Silly".

While fans are used to indepth articles, I have very little to no information on the "behind the scenes" of the Godzilla Island show. I don't have any names of the actors and the show is in Japanese, which makes it hard to translate what is going on. The stories are easy to follow along, but as new characters are introduce, it becomes harder to get an idea what's going on. So this is more of a fans review, if anyone can provide more information, please e-mail me at

Opening Credits

Opening Title

The intro starts out with a long view of Godzilla Island as the title comes up along with Godzilla's roar, then the theme song begins. The song is a fast paced pop song where "Godzilla" and other Toho kaiju are mentioned in the song.


A few shots of Godzilla are shown next at different angles.

The General

The General is in charge of Godzilla Island. He observes and provides the monsters on the island with whatever they need and has several "Mecha" variations at his disposal.

Zagres & Torema

Zagres and Torema are enemies, as Zagres attempts to conquer Godzilla Island and control the monsters, while Torema assist the General and helps Godzilla and the other monsters in their battle with Zagres and her monsters.


The General is accompanied by Lukas, a levatating orb that provides warning and information when an emergency arises. Lukas also provides guidence to Torema during her conflicts with Zagres.

The credits close with shots of the other monsters, including Rodan, Mothra Larva, and King Ghidorah and ends with a shot of the Command Center the General resides.

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