Finding Treasure
Bullmark Giant King Ghidrah

When I started collecting Godzilla figures in 1995, my main focus was the Godzilla Bandai figures. Not only were they the best figures around, there really was not much else available. M1 and Marmit started producing Godzilla figures soon after, but the only other Godzilla toys out there where the vintage figures.

I didn't see my first vintage until 1997 at a collectors show and it was a Bullmark Gigan. It was in the worse condition and the seller still wanted $600 for it. I pretty much figured vintage wasn't going to be for me. They didn't look realistic enough and they were way too expensive.

I got my first real exposure to vintage figures at G-Fest 1998. It was my first Godzilla convention and the dealers room was phenomenal. I saw several vintage figures from different dealers, but Showcase Collectables had the most. While checking them out, I was (foolishly) not interested in them. I did admit to myself, if there was one I wouldn't mind going home with, it was the Bullmark Giant King Ghidrah. Something about the Giant King Ghidrah just had a charm to it. It didn't look realistic to the actual monster, but the size and look to it was real cool.

By 2001, I began picking up some of the Bullmark standard sized figures. I started to expend my range of collecting to instead of focusing mainly on one toy manufacture, I would by a little from every manufacture. When visting my friend Marlo, he told me of a collector store in Buena Park I should check out. I found the store to have several showcases and the place was just a maze of various toys. Towards the end of my exploring, I turned to find a dead end, but I was shocked to see vintage figures. There was a Bullmark standard Godzilla, standard King Ghidrah and Nitto Gamera. But the figure that mainly got my attention was the Bullmark Giant King Ghidrah.

I immediately called the clerk to take the figure out of the case for me. Once in my hands, I found the figure to be very dirty. There were even dust webs on the horns of the figure. Despite the dirt and grim, the colors looked great with minimal rubs. I checked the feet. Not only was I pleased there was no writing on the feet, the original license sticker was attached as well.

I asked for some information about the seller. He was a Japanese fellow and these were his toys. He had the toys stored away for several years and decided to sell them. The price he wanted for the Bullmark Giant King Ghidrah was $850. Unbelievably high, but I have done my research on vinatge figures and with the contion this figure was in, I felt it was a very good price.

Unfortunately, I didn't have $850 in my pocket. I made a deposit using my credit card and asked to hold till the end of the week. Lucky it was a pay week, so at the end of the week, I had cash money and completed the purchase.

Once home, I got some soapy water and a brush and started cleaning. once all the dirt and grim was removed, the figure looked fantastic. Not only was I suprised that I found the Bullmark Giant King Ghidrah the way I did, but that Marlo didn't buy it for himself. I later tried to get the Nitto Gamera, but the seller wanted too much and didn't want to come down. I was told the seller was real pleased the Bullmark Giant King Ghidrah was sold. I'm pleased I bought it and still to this day, the Bullmark Giant King Ghodrah is one of my favorite toys in my collection.

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