The Godzilla Room
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The next wall and right of the Godzilla, Ebirah, and Mothra Diorama are various Bandai Museum pieces. Behind Gezora is the Ultra Q Flying Serpent, which is the Manda prop, mint on card. On the back you can see a bit of the Bandai Creation Crumble Zone.

Probably my most favorite addition to the Godzilla Room is the Godzilla Final Box. A few Plush figures around the Godzilla 54 head are a nice touch. A Bandai Playset and various Gamera High Grade sets are in display cases in the back. On the right is the X-Plus Mothra Adult. You can see a grey post supporting the right wing and I have a wire hanger secured on a rack to support the left wing. I did not want the wings to start to sag and eventually break.

Display case housing various Bandai High Grade figures. The white box is the Bandai Theater Exclusive Megaguirus signed by Director Masaaki Tezuka. On top of the box is a bust sample of the Y-MSF Gabera and a Bandai unpainted Godzilla 84.

Next is the entertainment display counter holding the TV, CD player, region free DVD player, several DVD's, my libary of G-Fans and other Godzilla related books, but here are other books, like the Star Wars book at the right end. Below are trading cards and various Marvel comics.

Last on the very top are shelves for the Bandai six inch series from Godzilla Island through the recent Movie Monster Series. I had toyed with placing a long board across the window and displaying movie poster across it. The only thing is I have to buy more posters and as pricey as they are, framing them can cost just as much.

Maybe some of you are wondering "where's the other stuff, like the smaller Bullmarks, Popys, X-Plus Statues, Glowies, ect"? Well, I have those and other toys in my bedroom that I don't consider as a Godzilla Room. Since the article is meant for the Godzilla Room, I focused the pictures mainly for that.

If there is something you want to see that the pictures don't capture, you can e-mail me at with requests. You can post suggestions on my message group if you are a member. If I get enough requests, I'll create a new page just for that.

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