The Godzilla Room
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Going down to the second shelve is a collection of various M1 unpainted figures. I began a special interest in these type of figures, but soon M1 started to over do it with their variations and I stopped collecting these. I was able to get some unique ones. The M1 unpainted Sample green and blue Godzilla 2000, the M1 unpainted sample orange Gamera 96, M1 test sample flesh Baragon, and a rare exclusive unpainted yellow Biolante. In the bags in the back are the Bare Model Crystal Exclusives of Godzilla 54, MechaGodzilla 74, and Godzilla 62. The front left are translucent exclusives of Bare Model's smaller Godzilla figures.

One of the most popular series of figures are Marmit's Parababy line. I was very interested in the Parababy King Ghidrah Lucky Bag sets and almost have every figure. Most of them are found in the back with the blue variant King Ghidrah found in the front. Parababy Mothra Adult, Flying Hedorah, and Flying Godzilla with Hedorah are found above the shelve.

The first level of shelves are devoted to Gamera figures from various companies. On the left is Rocket Pro's orange and painted Gamera 95. The two Original Gamera's are X-Plus and Sega figures. You can see the shells of the Sega regular and burning fist Gamera 99. Next is the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive orange and clear X-Plus Gamera 96 and 95. In front are various Slash Nitto reissues. The front has the Alpha Flying Gamera with various sets from Konami and Megahouse.

The next shelve continues with Gamera figures. On the left is the rare Yujin Gamera diorama. In the back are large versions of X-Plus and Tsukuda Hobby's Legion Soldier. Middle to the right are the Bandai figures for the film "Gamera, Little Braves". On the very front are various SD Gamera figures and the Konami figures for "Gamera, Little Braves".

Last is the corner for the Godzilla, Ebirah, and Mothra Diorama display. I ended up putting other models in the tub like the Biliken Godzilla 54 and MechaGodzilla 75, X-Plus Sanda and Gaira, Wave Baragon, and Gabera and Minya (company unknown). Several West Kenji model figures such as Godzilla 55 and Angilas 55 battling on the rock and Baragon, Godzilla 62, Rodan, Minya, Godzilla 69, and Gigan in front of the tub. In the back are Bandai Museum's Baragon and Gigan.

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