The Godzilla Room
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Moving on to the third wall and the next set of racks, you'll see I have a bit of a Gino collection. Whether you like or dislike the Tristar Godzilla, it is part of Godzilla's history which I've come to accept. The big Tristar Godzilla is from Soundbytes and is a full body puppet. You can put your hand into the head to open and close the mouth, there's a voice box in the mouth so the figure can roar, it glows in the dark, and has a tag that's numbered. You can see a Trendmasters Living Godzilla, in the box and out, the Tristar Godzilla bank in the box, more Threndmaster figures on top, and a large Imperial Godzilla.

Going down the shelve a bit is a nice collection of Gamera figures. The largest is the Bandai Large Scale Gamera 99 along with the Bandai Large Scale Gamera 95 to the left. On the right is the M1 Gamera 96 model kit with a small version of the X-Plus Legion soldier on its back. There's also a X-Plus Nightmare Gamera on the left and Rocket Pro's Super Gyaos and Guiron on the middle to right. Next to Guiron is the Alpha Burning fist Gamera statue. The Theater Exclusive hatching Toto from "Gamera, Little Braves" and in the center is probably my first ever model, the Volks Gamera 95.

Another impressive item is the Kaiyodo Gamera 99 Maquette Replica. Very heavy, especially the base. In front is the X-Plus Mother Legion and the Takara Microman Gamera 95. In the back is a series of Threndmaster Gamera figures.

Going down to the third shelve is a collection of M1's with some Marmit's and Bare Model figures thrown in. M1 Megaguirus, King Ghidorah 2002 and Mothra 2002 are displayed flying. Under Mothra is the Marmit Monster Heaven Ebirah and Bare Model's eBay Exclusive Hedorah, Godzilla 54, and Godzilla 62. Under Ghidorah is the M1 Trophy Display Godzilla 74. Under Megaguirus, you can see the various M1 Godzilla 2002 figures and on the far left is the Bare Model Baragon. Unfortunately, there's so many figures on this shelve, they are pushed back so you really can see them.

The next shelve features various Marmits and Bare Model figures. Flying above is the Modern Day Marusan Flying Gigan and Marusan U.S.A. Flying Gamera. The Marmit Giant Hedorah's are in the back and various Marmit Monster Heaven figures on the left. One the right are Bare Model's smaller figures and a standard Gigan. In the center are the Eiji Tsuburaya and Godzilla 54 figures from the first Tsuburaya Box Set.

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