The Godzilla Room
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The bottom (basement) shelves are mainly used to store empty boxes and toys that I decided to leave mint in package. While the Bandai King Scale Godzilla 93 and Death Ghidorah boxes are empty, you can see the Threndmasters Mecha King Ghidorah, Bandai Polystone series and X-Plus Legion and Iris still in package. Alot of times I don't remember what I have stored down there behind the boxes in front and I'm usually surprised on what I find when I go through there.

The next wall of shelves display the vintage collection. The top shelve features the Bullmark Giant figures, the Beetland Godzilla lamp, and the Missle Firing MechaGodzilla with box along with many standard sized Bullmark figures. I also put up a shelve on the high wall that holds various Threndmaster figures and the X-Plus Godzilla color variants still mint on card.

The third shelve has vintage figures from Marusan, Bullmark, and Popy such as the Yog monsters and the Popy Giant Red Godzilla. The picture of Megalon is the backing card for the Bullmark Giant Jet Jaguar.

I found this wall display case that fits the Bandai Super Deformed figures. The picture on the top is quite unique. It's most likely a production still from the Toho film "Destroy All Monsters" yet of all the books and magazines I've seen, I've never seen this particular picture in any book. Looking down on the top shelve is the Marusan Super 7 Exclusive Giant Glow Godzilla.

The second shelve below the vintage collection features Bandai figures from the Toho film "Godzilla, Final Wars". The shelve holds all the Standard and six inch figures, Hyper figures, High Grade figures, and some of the Die Cast figures. The DX Godzilla 2005 is the largest figure in the back.

The first shelve holds various six inch figures, mainly from the Bandai 50th Anniversary Memorial Box figures. Also on the shelve is the Bandai Directory Series and Super Deform figures. The bottom shelve stores empty boxes, except for a Yutaka playset and a Bandai Hyper Playset.

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