The Godzilla Room
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The last shelve on the second level features the Bandai Gamera figures. The left side has the Gamera figures from the original series and the right side has the 90's version. The large sized original Gyaos on the left side is the X-Plus version and on the right side has the X-Plus Super Gyaos still mint on card. The large Gamera on the right is the Bandai PlasmaWalk Gamera. That's the Gamera most of you saw in action during Animal Planet's "It Came from Japan" documentary.

The first shelve on the first level features figures from the Mothra Trilogy and the Toho film "Yamato Takeru". Some Bandai Candy toys released during Mothra 96 are found on the front of the shelve, along with some Iwakura greyscale figures from Mothra 99. Not a big fan of the film "Yamato Takeru", but I love the Bandai Great Hydra of Yamato figure, so it only made sense to get the other figures.

The next shelve focus on various Bandai Battery Operated figures such as the DX and Real Action Series. The Battle Sound Godzilla 2000 vs. Orga is found in back mint in box. In front, the DX Transforming G-Force Mogera. The front of the shelve has the Megahouse Godzilla ArtWorks set, along with the Iwakura Godzilla 66 battling the Bandai High Grade Ebirah. The end has the rest of the Vehicle Chronicle Series.

The last shelve on the first level has both variants of the popular Bandpresto Godzilla 2000 and Godzilla 54 with the Bandai DX Godzilla 2002 (which also appeared in Animal Planet's "It Came from Japan") and the Rumble and Roar Godzilla 2000 at the end. The front features Bandpresto battery operated and windup MechaGodzilla 74 and various Godzilla walkers. On the middle is a small keychain Godzilla digital clock. Not sure which company put this out.

Those that know me knows I don't like putting toys on the floor, but I didn't have much choice when it came to the Bandai Big Scale and Final Premium Godzilla figures. I had first plan to put these on the top shelve of the racks, but they didn't look good placed so high up. So I got some large foam pieces and placed the figures on top so they wouldn't be on the floor with the fear of someone, including myself, hitting the figures with shoes and marking up the claws.

Along with the Big Scales are the Bandpresto Godzilla plush and the Toy Vault Baby Godzilla. In the front is the popular first issue of the Bandai Large Scale Godzilla 91.

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