The Godzilla Room
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One of the difficulties I found displaying the toys on the shelves is the tails and wings of most of the figures made it complicated to place a large number of figures close together on the same standing level. My previous job would have these foam pieces for packaging and would be thrown away. I would get as many foam pieces as I could, cut them, and stand the toys on them. This would help me display the figures better.

The first shelve on the third level has all the early Bandai figures from the Showa era, plus some of the newer six inch figures representaing that time period. The large green figure on the left is the Bandai Real Hobby Godzilla 64. You can see how the Bandai King Ghidrah's and Godzilla 64's are standing higher as they are standing on foam pieces.

The next shelve features all the figures from the Heisei era. A few Bandai Hyper figures and Yutaka figures are also on the shelve. The reissue of the Bandai Large Scale Godzilla 91 is in the back. Flying above the shelve is the Bandai Transforming Gamera 96. A fellow collector gave me the idea of using wire hangers cut and bent to secure figures that fly like Gamera and Mothra and display them as such. The curved spaces behind the frames allowed me to firmly secure the wire hanger with no worry of the figures falling.

The last shelve on the third level hold three Exclusive sets. The Original Memorial Box figures, The Forever Series, and the Bandai Museum Godzilla Exclusives. Flying above the shelves are some Bandai Hyper Gyaos and the Bandai Missle Firing Gamera 99.

First shelve on the second level hold the Millennium figures from Godzilla 2000 to GMK. A Bandai Diorama series from "Megaguirus" is found in front of the Godzilla 2002 figures. The rare Exclusive Pearl Godzilla 2000 is found on the middle of the shelve. Flying above the shelve is Megaguirus and Mothra 2002.

While the shelve above holds ten years worth of Kaiju figures, the next shelve below hold two movies worth. The second shelve is devoted to the Toho "Godzilla X MechaGodzilla" films, not cause I'm a huge fan of the films, but because Bandai produced so many figures from the two films alone. This shelve was the most difficult for me to setup a display, due to Godzilla and MechaGodzilla's long tails. The three Mothra Larva's don't help either. Some of the Die Cast MechaGodzilla's are still in the boxes cause I have no room to display them. On the left of the shelve is a Theater Exclusive MechaGodzilla statue and the front of the shelve is a miniture Diorama set for the Toho film "Godzilla, Tokyo S.O.S." with the two Mothra Adult figures placed above the shelve.

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