The Godzilla Room
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The Great Wall of Bandai

The first Godzilla toys I started to collect were Bandai figures and are the largest number of figures in the collection. It was only natural that one whole wall was going to be devoted to Bandai figures, yet toys from other companies can be found on the shelves. Here's a look at each shelve starting at the top left side.

The largest figure here is the incredible Tokyo Mauri Godzilla 54. Standing double the size of the Bandai King Scale Godzilla and MechaGodzilla 93. Next to the King Scale MG is a model kit of the Tsukuda Hobby MechaGodzilla 93. Also West Kenji's Prebuilt Godzilla 2002 and various Bandai Creation figures.

A great shot of the Tokyo Mauri Godzilla 89, Bandai Great Monster Series 88 reissue Godzilla 64 and Bronze Godzilla 64. A Paradise Mougera that I built and placed in the model contest at G-Fest 2000. More various Bandai Creation figures and a unfinished SuperDeformed resin kit of SpaceGodzilla

First issue of the Bandai Great Monster Series Godzilla 64 with the reissue of the Bandai Great Monster Series Mothra Larva underneth. The Bandai Great Monster Series King Ghidrah along side the incredible M1 Godzilla 64 model kit. The Paradise Godzilla 54 in back of the Medicom Godzilla 62. Bandai Museum's Godzilla 54 and the rare Pao Melting Godzilla resin kit. Last is a Maser Tank from the Vehicle Chronicle Series and a Bandai Hyper King Ghidrah.

More Model Kits. The Paradise Baragon and Rodan. The magnificent X-Plus King Ghidrah. The Yamakawa Godzilla 2002 vs. Baragon model kit. Bandai Hyper figures of Baragon, Godzilla 2002, King Ghidrah, and Godzilla 54. A miniture replica of the Marusan Plamodel Baragon and the Maser Tank controller for the Bandai King Scale Godzilla 93.

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