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Closeup:The Bandai Showa Godzilla Shelvenew!

The Godzilla Room
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Welcome to the Godzilla Room

There's a room with Godzilla in it and there's a Godzilla Room.

When I had the chance to turn the spare room into a Godzilla Room, I had a lot of work ahead of me. The room is a small 12x12 and needed new tile, the walls repainted, and the window covered since I wasn't going to let any sunlight hit the toys. Once I was done scraping off the old tile, putting new tile, painting, and covering the window with aluminum foil, I knew there was going to be three more things the room was going to need. Display shelves for the toys, an entertainment counter that would support a TV, DVD player, CD player, along with books, DVD's and CD's, and a corner that would display my Godzilla, Ebirah, and Mothra Diorama.

As much as I wanted showcases, the narrow hallway would make it difficult to move a showcase into the room. I didn't have the expertise to make a showcase inside the room, plus the cost of materials meant I had to decide on something else to display the toys on.

Large book cases were out of the question because they wouldn't be deep enough for Godzilla's long tail and I didn't want to line shelves across the walls. Utility racks seemed like a good choice, but the ones I would find had holes along the frames to secure the shelves and I didn't like the way they looked. Then one day at a Office Depot, I found the perfect racks with solid silver metal frames supporting four shelves. I started with two racks, now there are six.

The first display racks.

The room had a large ceiling fan and I soon found that the fan cause some obstruction when viewing around the room. So I decided to remove the fan and replace it with just a light.

You can see the fan in the upper right corner

I had this great idea of putting long thin shelves up on the highest part of the wall that would display the collection of Kaiyodo Xebec Gamera, Gyaos, and Iris figures that are still mint on card. What I didn't expect was that the large figures that I put on the top shelves of the racks would block the view of the Kaiyodo figures which makes it disappointing that they can't be fully viewed.

Next I need a counter for the planned entertainment center. Again, it was difficult to find what I wanted for the room. Then at Home Depot, I found pieces for a office desk that included a deep book case. I bought two cases and put them side by side.

The entertainment counter with only the CD player.

Next was my set up for the Godzilla, Ebirah, and Mothra Diorama. The 1966 American titled Toho Film "Godzilla vs The Sea Monster" is one of my personal favorites and I put together and painted the Paradise Godzilla 66, Ebirah, and Mothra model kits myself. I made the fixture that holds up Mothra and created a rocky display inside a tub that would hold water along with a device that creates fog. I entered the Diorama into the model contest at G-Fest 2000 where it took first place and was even pictured in an issue of Hobby Japan that covered the G-Fest event.

The Godzilla, Ebirah, Mothra Diorama with fog mist.

I had planned to leave water in the tub so I could have the fog going now and then, but I discovered moisture would build on the models and the walls. Plus the water itself would get old and muggy and would have to be replace often. So I decided not to leave the water in the tub.

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